Resources for Christian Business Men

During the past month I listed some basic business resources, for Christian men who have their own business or interested in starting a business. My focus was to direct you to the wealth of knowledge that is available on using your faith in the workplace.

Here is a recap of the topics:

How to Combine your Faith and Business

10 Tips on Marketing your Product to Christians

5 Things Christians Can Do to Build Their Business

Solving Business Problems Using Biblical Principles

Should Christians Share Their Faith in the Workplace

Starting a Part-time business

Managing a Successful Business using the Bible

Characteristics of Successful Christian Businessmen

I know that some Christian brothers, struggling with their businesses, have personal battles trying knock them out of the box by weakening their faith. That’s why I included articles to encourage you and assist in broadening your shield of faith, during February.

Should Christian Men Drink Alcohol

Principals for Successful Prayer

5 Signs of Low Self-Esteem Christian Men Should Know

If you are still harboring thoughts about illegal or barely legal methods of improving your income, you need to take a peep at fellow blogger AverageBro. He fillets and grills a proposed legislation, to tax street-level dope boys.

We have made it to March and to help you march on through the rest of the year, there are several great goal setting and self-motivational articles, I’ll be making available to Christian men this month. As Bishop T. D. Jakes says, get ready…get ready…get ready.

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