Why You Should Be Using Gods' Book Not Just A Good Book For Devotion

In reading the Bible and using it for a daily devotional Christians will begin to catch hold of the faith and reverence that has been encapsulated in the scriptures. Only the Word of God has the power to restore, refresh and renew the lives of believers.

Below each level of thought in the Bible lies something new, something deeper for those who diligently seek it during devotion.

Why Your Devotional Should Be The Bible

Devotion as used in it’s original Greek form implies that you are adoring or worshiping, so it’s necessary to reflect on what material, what manner, what method of devotion you choose.
The Book of Acts mentions Paul observing the devotions in Athens where some people were so confused they worshiped idols. One of the idols bore the inscription to the unknown God.

Now that’s not really sad, that their attempts to draw nearer to God were being lost by not having access to the truth of knowing which God deserved their respect.

The 21st Century Christian is faced with a greater challenge to remain focused on the one true God and the gospel. Each day new books touting today’s popular authors are placed on bookshelves next to the Bible. It’s as if they are suggesting you should pick one or the other. But we know that the Bible is the record left by God to be used for instructions and guidance for a faith-based lifestyle and a better life. One that’s pleasing in his site.

Understanding Devotion

Our devotion belongs to God, he alone is worthy of praise.

Our delight should also be in seeking him, serving him and studying his Word. The Bible puts it this way, delight yourselves in the Lord.

Our desire has to be, to put God first in our lives. That means that our spiritual development must become the one thing that really matters. It’s not the only thing, but it must be the first thing Christian men resolve to focus on in their life, and each day for the rest of their lives, if they want to experience the best life.

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