How To Write Headlines That Attract More Readers

To write a headline that will attract more readers you need to understand three basic things. What audience you are writing for, what words that  boost your headline performance and how to inform and educate prospects about your product or service.

Headlines That Attract Like Magnets

According to Jay Conrad Levinson the Father of Guerrilla Marketing, advertising that feature numbers out pull all other kinds of headlines. When you use a title like 5 Ways to Rid Your home of Ants Today, it's a surefire way to attract more eyeballs to your ad.

According to Robyn McMaster Sr VP of the MITA Brain Based Center, "Odd numbers seem to have a whole or completeness about them. When we see groups of three, five and seven they are more pleasing to the eye." In "7 Reasons odd Numbers can Power Up Your Headlines" Yvonne Russell said "Odd numbers appear more scientific and legitimate. That’s why Listerine kills 99% of germs instead of 100%."

15 Power Words To Use In Your Headlines

There are some words that can boost the performance of your headlines. Add them to action words that communicate the value and benefits of the product to create the effective headlines for your advertising.

5 Quick And Easy Steps To Write A Killa Headline

In order to really grasp these headline writing techniques, I'll take you through the process by outlining 5 steps to help you write a headline.

Step 1. Determine who you want to read your headline. What group will benefit the most from your product or service.

Step 2. Now write out a list of one line statements that list each important benefit about your product. (Use some of the power words listed above).

Step 3. Next combine your statements into one sentence that tells why someone should chose your product instead of the competitions.

Step 4.Review your headline to make sure it answers one or all of these three questions. Why is this important? Why should I care? How can this benefit my life?

Step 5. The last step to complete your headline is to proofread your headline for grammatical errors and misspellings.

Making headlines that will pull more readers gets easier the more you do it. Keep these steps handy whenever you write a headline and just rinse and repeat the process.

It's just as vital for the body of the ad to hold the readers attention as it is for headlines that capture their eye. In the next post I'll give you a few more details about writing the copy and a few other essential things about writing effective advertising to accompany your headline.

Effective Online and Offline Advertising That Works Like A Magnet

If you're trying to create effective online or offline advertising for a website, using print or classified ads you'll find lots of helpful tips in this info packed short blog post. You'll learn how to write a headline that attracts customers and how to get your message to speak to the right audience. Most of the details are complied from previous blog post on advertising principles and other industry publications and websites.

In the Holy Bible John the Baptist started a new trend that is still being carried out today. He used his a finely tuned message that was prefaced by a headline “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!”. You business will benefit from having a concise message that speaks to your potential customers in all of the various medias where you advertise. You do advertise your business?

Advertising Resources For Small Businesses

Advertising is a crucial resources for Christian and small businesses. I want to take you behind the smoke and mirrors in advertising and provide you with links to informative resources that I used in researching this important subject so that you can understand how to make advertising work for your business. Here are some previous blog post and other related articles on advertising.

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How to Write Effective Headlines 

To write an effective headline you need to include as many of the underlying principles of advertising as possible. These key principles are attention, interest, desire and action.

- Your headline that offers a bold promise or benefit is a your best bet to draw the reader into your ad.
Interest-The best way to get a reader interested in your product is to by letting them know how it can help them.
Desire-Your ad should tell the potential customer how your product can solve a problem or challenge or make their life easier
Action- Many ads do all of the above things well but fall down when it comes to having a strong call to action that tells prospects what to do now that they've found your remarkable product.

Crafting Headlines That Work

There are some principles for crafting headlines to grab a readers attention that we need to discuss briefly. Using a headline that tells a story is one of the techniques I highly recommend and is often used by the top advertising copywriters. According to research done by Pew Internet & American Life Project in 2009, researchers found that online ad effectiveness can even vary with something as simple as the time of day.

Knowing just that fact alone should let you know that crafting advertising and especially the headline is serious business and warrants paying attention to every detail.

The Story Headline

How An Average Golfer Improved His Score and And Turned Pro Using My Valuable Product

Using this kind of headline is a technique favored by masters of copywriting to attract a readers attention and pull them in to the body of the ad.

The News Headline

A Revolutionary New Product That Kills Ants Safely

I'm sure you've seen and been lured by an advertising headline that you thought was a news story. This kind of headline is effective for 3 main reasons.

They are informative.
They convey value
They use a hook to draw readers.

Guarantee Headline

The New Ant Bait Guaranteed To Rid Your Home Of Ants Today

This is a powerful way to build credibility for a new product.

The How-To Headline

How to Get Rid of Ants Without Harmful Chemicals

This headline attracts readers by offering to give do-it-yourself information, advice and solutions to deal their problems.

Command Headline

Stop Pesky Ants In Dead In Their Tracks

A headline style that tells your customers what to do. It should encourage action and offer your prospect a huge benefit which will help them.

John The Baptister

John was the first prophet that baptisted people. His simple message worked like a magnet to raise the consciousness level of his followers about the devastating affect sin was having in their lives. It compelled them to strive for a better lifestyle. One that was approved by God and would help them reach the Kingdom of God.

His message offered both a benefit and a solution to people. An effective advertisement should achieve that same goal.

To craft effective online and offline advertising that works like a magnet you have to know and master the art of headline writing. To do that you need to know your audience and what will help them to improve their lives. I've already discussed the major aspect of headline writing. You'll learn few more details on how to make headlines in part 2 of this post.

I'll explain how to make a headline pull more readers and get you started on building a list of powerful words that will boost the performance of your headlines. You'll also be enlightened to a few other important things about effective ads that I didn't have the time or space to cover in this short post.

Building A Business Using Wisdom From The Bible

There some benefits to Building A Business Using Wisdom From The Bible that you should know about. First I'll tell you the list of promises God has in the Holy Bible that you'll obtain from wisdom, then I'll share some of the benefits that men have accredited to wisdom.

In order to build your business using wisdom, you have to flip the script. Let me explain just what I mean. We all have been used to seeking the knowledge of experts to get help with business decisions. That's a good habit. A better way is to seek the counsel of Christian businessmen who have wisdom and knowledge to guide your business.

Is there a difference between wisdom and knowledge? It sure is. Wisdom comes from God and has proven time and time again to provide the answers to questions that elude some of the most knowledgeable men in the world.

 How Christian Can Apply Biblical Wisdom

 He was often referred to as the Peanut Man, the plant doctor, or the sage of Tuskegee. Dr George Washington Carver said "I have risen regularly at four o'clock and have gone into the woods and talked with God. There he gives me my orders for the day."

Carver publicly discussed using his inspired methods of research and it left him at odds with the members of the scientific community. They valued rational, deductive methodology over intuition and divine revelation as methods of scientific inquiry.

It was the wisdom gained during his morning talks with God that helped Dr. Carver a former slave, contribute to turning the economy of the South around after the Civil War. He created about 100 products from peanuts that were useful for the house and farm, including cosmetics, dyes and gasoline. Dr. Carver is also credited with over 105 food recipes that used peanuts.

How You Can Obtain Wisdom

Wisdom comes from seeking God. It's one of God's many blessings he bestows on us when we seek him with our heart and soul.

It's not a result of seeking to answer the age old the question of, is there a God.

It's a benefit Dr Carver repeatedly acknowledged. As did King Solomon, who is known as one of the wisest men to have ever lived. The Bible records in Chronicles 9:2-3 that the Queen of Sheba put to King Solomon many questions and was delighted to find that he was able to answer them with wisdom.

Benefits Of Applying Wisdom To Your Business

In his book "The Gospel Of Good Success" (Simon and Schuster) Rev. Kirbyjohn Caldwell listed what he called Rules for the Road. They can help every struggling businessman understand how to use Faith and wisdom in their daily business decisions .

7 Rules For Applying Wisdom

1. The Who's in Charge Principle- Remember God is the owner of your business, you're just the manager.
2. The Give and Grow Principle- God expects blessings to flow through you to those around you.
3. Identify The Spiritual Gifts-When you practice stewardship, you do what God is calling you to do and do it to your very best.
4. Increase Your Faith-When you practice your spiritual gifts your Faith will increase.
5. Become Spiritually Sensitive-When you are spiritually sensitive you can hear God in places other than your ears.
6. Be a Blessing- We should want to be a blessing and not just receive a blessing.
7. Remember Your Indebtedness-We are all indebted to God and our previous generations.

Building A Business Using Wisdom From The Bible will allow you to experience untold benefits. Everyday lots of successful Christians apply wisdom in their business decisions in the 21st Century.

When you access and use wisdom to build a company, you can expect God to surround it with pleasantness, peace and prosperity. To activate wisdom in your business you have to start by making Faith one of your greatest allies in all that you do.

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A.I.D.A The 4 Principles Of Effective Advertising

I've put together a video on A.I.D.A the 4 principles of effective advertising. I used some creative signs written by men who are homeless and rely on their signs to communicate a message to passerby. If you watch this short video you'll see that most of them are unwittingly applying some or all of the 4 effective advertising principles to hustle pocket change.

How To Write Effective Advertising

Every Christian business owner should be familiar with how to write effective advertising. A.I.D.A. are  the 4 basic principles at the foundation of crafting advertising copy that grabs the readers attention and attracts customers for your business.

They are effective tools to use in your sales offers, marketing brochures and advertising copy. It's these four characteristics that will enable your advertising to be more than just another ad. When used properly they should inform and motivate your prospects to act.

It reminds me of the Bible verse in Habakkuk 2:2 where the Prophet is instructed to write down his vision. Then he's told to make it plain, so that the message could be easily understood and taken it to others.

Writing effective advertising has the same requirements. It too should tell an important message and be written using everyday wording that easy to understand and compels the reader to act upon what they've read.


Your ads should use attention grabbing headlines, words like "free and how to" work well when you are trying to attract buyers to an ad. This is the first principle and it's where most advertising copy falls short.


To generate interest every ad needs to have information of value to the reader. If it doesn't address a specific problem or need of the target audience it won't hold their interest.


To create a desire for a product your ad should list the benefits of using your product rather features or pricing. People would much rather pay a few dollars more for a flu shot than spend less money on medicine that doesn't completely solve their problem.


This has to be the most crucial principle in the ad. You always want to tell your prospects just what action you want them to take. Using words like "click here" and "buy now" are the best way to let potential buyers know just what it is you want them to do after they have finished reading your ad.

I've put together a post on where Christian business owners can find free advertising for small businesses not long ago. It has lots more information that you'll find useful. I just completed a video on writing effective ads, using creative signs written men who are homeless and rely on their signs to communicate a message to passersby. Watch the short video and you'll see that most of them are unwittingly applying some or all of these advertising principles to hustle pocket change.

The key to writing effective advertising is using the 4 principles of I've discussed, and to meet as many of the following criteria as possible.

Use bold offers
Generate interest with a story
Offer information of value
Tell prospect what action you want them to take.

People seek out Prophets for answers, because of their relationship with God and their wisdom at solving problems. Customers will seek out your products, if you craft advertising copy that tells them how your product can solve their problem.

10 Tips For Christian Businesses To Attract Customers Online

biblical character writing

Attracting customers online is an essential part of owning a successful business. It's one of the skills that every Christian business owners needs. The Holy Bible has a biblical principle in Proverbs that entrepreneurs that want to become successful on the Internet should remember.

Do you see a man diligent and skillful in his business? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men.
Pr 22:29

You've probably already been offered hundreds of opportunities to join traffic exchange programs and generators that promise to send a flood of customers to your website. But what really works best is to have a variety of sources sending traffic to your blog, store or business website.

Since, most Christian businesses don't have an infinite amount of time or finances to bring customers to their site. I'll cover the simple and easy ways that will give you the best payoff for your efforts.

How To Get Your Content To Work Like A Magnet

If you want to get your share of the free traffic on the web you have to be consistent and realize that it takes time to build an authority site with quality visitors who'll spend money.

Make sure you have the name of the brands and product that your customers are looking for displayed prominently in the titles and body of your articles.

You should develop a a large list of several thousand keywords and phrases associated with your product or service to drive traffic to your website.

Add one or two keywords and phrases at a time to your website, starting with the words with the lest competition and move-up gradually to those that are more competitive.

Learn what's working and what's not by consistently analyzing the metrics for your website using Google Webmaster and Google Analytics.

Make sure you link to your website content and not just the main page from Social Media sites and interlink all of your content on your blog.

Use the Adwords Keyword Tool to research every keyword and focus on the words and phrases that your customers use regularly.

Submit your blog/website to as many directories as possible.

Spread your RSS feed around the web, by adding it on your Social Media profiles.

Post you content using multiple methods, video, articles, podcast etc.

Make sure all of the stationery, brochures and anything you do offline has your website address on it.

Why Free Traffic Is The Best Source

You should attract customers to your site using free traffic as often as you can. The 10 tips I've shared with you are the one's I use as well as most of the businesses on the web. You need to focus your efforts on this source of customers so you can have a steady flow of prospects even when your budget is tight. The ideal scenario is to locate a waterfall of free traffic and position your website under it.

His training in the Mosaic Law and skills as an orator are some of the things that made the Apostle Paul such a brilliant letter writer and effective witness for Christ. Over two thousand years after his death we are still reading his letters. Wouldn't you love your website to have that kind of staying power. Then learn the principles and get the skills you need to create useful and relevant content that will attract a flood of business to your website.

How Start-ups Can Attract More Local Customers To Their Websites

Fish looking at hook

If your start up has just launched a website one of your main concerns will be getting your website designed to attract more local customers. It is a lot easier than you might think. It doesn't require being a computer whiz or a computer programmer to make it happen. A focused effort using the right words, will get the right people, coming to your website in no time flat.

Many new website owners aren't aware that the local search arena is a little different than competing in the global search market. There are a lot of success stories detailing how local search can pay off for businesses in some big ways. When you target a mix of local and regional traffic, using the appropriate keywords, and making sure your website is part of your sales funnel you can replicate these successes using any website.

How To Attract Customers Who Are Ready To Buy

In a recent New York Times article on Internet marketing Perrone Maintenance Corp., a carpet-cleaning business in Brooklyn, N.Y., discussed how he started his search for more website traffic by advertising on Craig's List. His ad attracted more paying customers for his business, but it had to be updated every week.

People who are ready to spend money often use classified advertising to find a company and a set of keywords different from people who are just looking for information. When individuals are ready to purchase they often will use buying indicators in their search terms and keyword phrases. These are words like buy, purchase and compare that are added to the general search term such as, " where to purchase laptops".

According to recent research 33% of the Internet audience online are ready to buy and looking for businesses to spend their money with. To get them to your website you need to make sure that your content has buying indicators sprinkled throughout your pages.

Start-ups using these terms and phrases will let the search engine know that your page is a place for people to buy your product and not just a source for information on your market.

How To Get Customers To Return To Website Faster

Today, Mr. Perrone says, he gets about 90% of his business from his website that targets New York area customers. Your content should tell local customers that you are in their immediate area and why they should buy from you rather than all of the other choices in the marketplace.

Valuable content should do more than attract a lot of Internet traffic to your website. You should be able to use it to get customers into your sales funnel and build repeat business.

In order to encourage visitors to return to your website try posting coupons and freebies on your website. A coupon that has a significant savings will motivate them to come to your store sooner. If you give them a coupon after a store purchase for a discount for an online purchase you can get them back to the website faster.

Website Traffic Tools

These are just a handful of the traffic tools that every business start-up's website should contain to attract more local traffic. There are also a variety of free E-books on just about any subject you can imagine, that make good gifts to your customers, if they are related to using and caring for your products.

The fuel that drives the biggest part of all Internet traffic is finding quality relevant information. The goal is to align local customers who plan to spend money with one of your sales messages that will direct them to the product that offers the benefits they desire.

Starting A Home-based Business

man smiling

If you're you're unsure whether starting a home-based business is right for you I've got a few things that I'd like to share with you. I was getting all of the sales collateral and other marketing pieces together for the launch of a new business and I thought about all the people who will soon be able to start their own business. They won't have to depend on the income from a job that pays them just enough to keep them coming back each week.

Then I read Doug Thorpe's blog talking about the origin of the word “job”. He summarized that it's closely related to morsel or “piece”. In other words a “job” should only be a “piece” of the work you do. However, for some it has become the biggest piece in the puzzle of life.

Job vs. Joy of Business

If you are currently employed you can still put in a few hours each day, toward building your own business. If thinking about the joy of business is all that you've done, and you’re trying to decide between either starting a business or job hunting, let me share a few facts with you.

Do you like a routine or variety?
Do you enjoy competing or cooperating?

If you have any doubts or you’re struggling with the idea of working for yourself, then the joy of business ownership is not for you and you should be looking for a job. Entrepreneurs must have strong self-confidence and be self motivated.
If you are ready to take your future, your destiny, into your own hands and the idea of working for yourself and creating your own income excites you, then let me give you a few facts before you get started.

Most U.S. business have 20 are fewer employees.
Ideas for potential new businesses are climbing each year.
Courageous entrepreneurs in the U.S. start more than 600,000 businesses each year.

Now that you realize that starting a home-based business puts you in good company and that you're not the only person that feels compelled to own their own business. The next blog post will talk about how get there from where you are today, starting with a personal assessment of some of the skills that you will need to be successful in business.

Biblical Principles For Starting A Business

cake top

Using biblical principles when starting a business is not for everyone. It's a must for some people. Especially Christians who want to reinvent themselves, take control of their future and those you've grown tired of exchanging their time for way too little money.

Each year over 1 million new businesses are started in the U.S. I have been self-employed for the past 19-years and helped others get businesses started. I'm in the process of launching another business and if you're thinking about starting your own business I'll gladly share a few tips to help you get on the right foot.

I discovered that owning a business and getting married have a lot in common. For instance about 50% of the business started fail in the first few years. Marriages in The U.S. have about the same rate of survival too. Could it be because people spend months and even years planning for the physical aspects of the wedding, but little or no time mentally preparing for the marriage.

The same thing happens with a lot of new business owners they're willing to spend lots of time, money and effort on the nonessentials, colors for their business, the decor, the furnishing, but little if any on making the needed mental adjustments. If you want to avoid falling into this trap, you need to start by getting yourself prepared mentally, spiritually and physically for business.

Preparations For Starting A Business

The crucial first step is to prepare your mind…heart…spirit for the paradigm shift into the new mindset you need for the journey to become an entrepreneur. If you have been earning an income by working in a job for most of your life you have to accept the fact that you are taking your future into your own hands.

There won't be anyone to tell you how many hours to work and when it's time to start and stop. Nor will there be a paycheck waiting just because you spent 60 hours in the past week trying to make a sale. The whole concept of being paid for each and every hour you work is a key part of the old way of thinking, that you will have to change.

If want to create a business that has a positive cash flow and adds value to your life instead of draining your energy, you need to understand that it all starts with your mind.

Biblical Principles For Business Success

We were wonderfully made and God equipped our brains with the tools that we need, we just need to learn how to access them. James Allen may be credited with writing the timeless classic "As A Man Thinketh", but this a principle that is intrinsic to man. A divine principle, we are directed to follow, taken from Proverbs 23:7 in the Holy Bible.

If you're planning to start your own business you should learn how your state of mind influences your future through these key habits.

Self what you say to yourself, about yourself, influences your feelings, stress, and the overall outcomes.

Positive affirmations...positive statements that you should repeat with attention, conviction, interest and desire to influence your subconscious mind and trigger it to promote positive action.

Attractions to attract the things you want and deserve and not what you don't want.

Now that you are aware that using biblical principles when starting a business can make a huge positive impact on your future, you should be applying them and accessing your mental tools. They are some of the things that successful Christian businessmen use and you need as part of your daily routine, if you want to increase your chances for success.

This is one of the areas that people fail to adequately prepare for in business and later on it comes back to haunt them. If you want to get your mindset in shape for business? Take the time to visit one of the best Internet coaches there is, James Holmes at the Internet Business Blueprint. He has put together vlog and podcast on the attraction principle that will give you a better understanding of how to apply it to tune-up your mindset.

Starting A Business

man sweating

In a down economic cycle starting your own business might be one of the things you consider doing, especially if you're unemployed for a long period of time and have some management experience. Or maybe, you just have that burning desire to break free of the 9 to 5 routine.

I read an ABC News story on how a woman started a business with virtually no money, and decided to share a few of the nuggets that I gleaned from that report in this blog.

Having a huge nest egg to start a business isn't one of the essentials. Many businesses can be started for less than a 1,000 dollars and some for a few hundred. What is important is that you plan your work and work your plan.

There is a Bible story in Genesis 29-31:55, about a young man who lacked the finances to buy his own herd of animals so he contracted to tend his uncles herds in exchange he would receive any the spotted cows and goats that were born, as his wages. That was his game plan, to get the stock he needed to start his own herd.

The young herdsman developed a plan to feed the animals a special diet which he hoped would cause them to produce more spotted offspring than usual.

In today's competitive marketplace a businessman can greatly increase his or her chance for success by having a written plan. I've identified some simple steps for planning a business. If your back is up against the wall and you need to create an income, here a some useful tips to get you started on the right track.

Tips for Starting a Business

A written plan for a start-up doesn't have to be extensive and formal like a corporate business plan. You can start out with a simple one page business plan. It should link together your planning, marketing, strategy and execution.

It's mostly an outline, to clearly show 4 key things, the mission , the company's objectives, the strategies and the actionable steps.

The mission should answer, Why does your business exist?

Objectives, indicate what you should measure.

Strategies, show things that need to be done to accomplish your business objectives.

Actionable steps, are specific things that you need to execute to make your business successful.

How To Increase Your Chances For Success

By addressing these things in advance you increase your chances for a successful business. In addition getting those profitable ideas out of your head and on to paper is a an explosive step towards getting started.

The character in our example from the bible didn't have the benefit of using a written plan, but his plan was still successful and before long he had more animals than his boss. The take-away from the story is that resourceful entrepreneurs can be successful.

Here is a link to the ABC News story I referenced at the beginning of this blog post on "how you can start a business for $100.00 or less."

10 Keys To A Successful Christian Home-based Online Business

hands reaching out of computer

Many Christian home-based businesses are finding success selling products and services online. Internet marketing is based on some pretty simple stuff. The formulas are already known you just need to know what they are and how to use them to benefit your Christian internet business.

1. Know why you’re in business.
2. Focus on one source for information and ideas.
3. Always act fast.
4. Take consistent action steps.
5. Decide what your priorities are and be willing to make sacrifices.
6. Get help from others, someone who is doing are done what you want to do.
7. Learn as much as you can about online marketing.
8. Get some training on traffic generation techniques
9. Build a list of prospects as you go along.
10. Build a community of loyal followers.

To build a successful Christian online business you don’t have to be a computer whiz, a world class marketer, or even have a college degree. What it does require is a commitment to focus on increasing your personal knowledge and obtaining the best business intelligence possible. You will have to acquire many of these skills yourself. Some of them you can draw on the knowledge of other professionals who are already adept in these areas for your business, company or organization

Personal Knowledge

To develop the personal knowledge needed to run an online business, you have to look inward and answer a few key questions.

1. Why you are in business.

To make money is not enough of an incentive to keep anyone in business for long. Because at times you could probably make more money working for someone else than you’ll make in your own business. You should have a desire to fulfill a need in the marketplace and help others enjoy there lives. This requires a deeper fulfillment and will take goals that require long range planning and objectives.

2. Act Fast

You have to turn on a dime when you compete in a technology driven marketplace. If you spend to much time thinking and mulling over important decisions in your business you can miss a lot of opportunities and lose money in the process. Neither of these are desirable outcomes in any successful business.

3. Become knowledgeable about attracting web traffic.

Forty-eight percent of marketers said that search engine optimization (SEO) was the best method for generating conversions online. This is an area that you need a basic understanding of how it works, but you don’t really have to get bogged down in traffic generation you can always hire others to perform this service for you.

4. Decide what your priorities are.

You’re the only one who can determine what things are important to your business and need to be done now or what things you can put off until later. You have to decide from the outset of your internet business how you will make strategic decisions on who, what when where and how things get prioritized in your business.

Business Intelligence

5. Learn some basic marketing principles.

Sure, if you know the ins and outs of direct marketing, copywriting and promotions you can put together some well organized campaigns. But marketing research, analytics and sales are equally important to your business. If you need to, get help in some of these areas. You still need to be able to have some understanding of the role marketing plays in a company.

6. Build a list of prospects.

Most of your best efforts will come from selling and reselling to people you have done business with before. Some people call it a database, customer list or leads. A big part of internet marketing is building relationships with people on your list, people who you communicate with regularly.

7. Build a loyal following.

Once you have a list, your objective is to convert everyone on that list into loyal followers, regular customers and evangelist for your organization. They will not only become your best customers, but some of them will act like an unpaid a sales team, telling others about your business and be valuable tools in helping your company to grow.

8. Get help from someone who is doing are have done what you want to do.

You can get help from paid consultants, mentors or friends who are willing to guide you and your business from the beginning stages to a level where it’s a viable competitor in your market. You can meet many of them online through forums and social networking. Make sure that these people are trustworthy and rewarded well for their services.

9. Focus on one source of business information.

Many beginning Christian entrepreneurs, business owners and home-based business persons try to digest too much information from too many sources. Before you know it you’re confused from conflicting information, and paying to belong to a bunch of memberships sites with similar products that only causes you to lose valuable time, money and resources because you’re stuck in a vicious cycle of reading and filing data.
Your best bet is to avoid white papers, reports and other information when they are full of hype and short on actual facts. You only need one credible source at a time that you rely on for your information needs.

10. Take consistent action steps.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to learn something new. Suddenly you find yourself just sitting idly unsure of what to do next. You have to define some strategic steps and commit to taking action everyday in your business. Sure, some days you may accomplish more than on other days, but every day you should have some actionable steps that you are working to complete.

Businesses that operate on the internet fail in the first year, if they don’t accomplish the 10 things on this list, according to Internet Mastery. Now that you are aware of them, it’s up to you to make good use of this list and increase the chances for online success for your Christian home-based businesses.

The 3 Greatest Unique Selling Propositions


When most Christian businesses create a unique selling proposition they seem to use a bunch of crafty words, a slogan, that miss the mark and doesn't pack the same kind of punch as a magnetic marketing message, like a great USP.

I've found three that I think should be in the USP hall of fame if there is such a place. They were chosen because they embrace the basic principle at the foundation of creating compelling marketing messages. A benefit potent enough to move the masses to use your product

John 3:16 "For God So Loved the world he gave his only begotten son so that whosoever believe in him shall not parish but have everlasting life."

This biblical Scripture has become a USP of sorts, for Christians in the past several decades. It targets a specific audience with a powerful message to embrace salvation. It offers a strong benefit, a solution to one of man's problems and states it in a way that is both compelling and easy to remember.

The Greatest Unique Selling Propositions Of All Time

USP - "The nighttime, coughing, achy, sniffling, stuffy head, fever, so you can rest medicine."

USP- "Wonder Bread builds strong bodies 8 ways

USP- "You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less -- or it's free."

Even without the names of the companies you should easily recognize the products and most of you have probably purchased them because of the benefits and features stated in the compelling messages.

How Magnetic Marketing Works

Most and all good USP's are designed to appeal to a narrow segment of a vast market. The gulf between the upscale clients and the bargain seekers is huge and few products can satisfy both groups. The creators of these USP's clearly identify their niche and boldly state how they differ from their competitors.

In other words, their stated mission is to strive to meet their respective market’s expectations, to provide a healthier bread, faster pizza delivery and relief from the common cold. Did they do anything different to their products, not hardly.

What they've done is, identify a problem in the marketplace and draw in customers who want a product that will solve their problem. It's pretty simple yet, difficult to do if you don't do some research to get a grip on what your target market needs and expects from your product.

Creating Your Own USP

Your organization won't be able to offer the kind of benefits believers get from having a relationship with Jesus, the son of God. But creating a magnetic marketing message is essential for every Christian business

If you want your company's marketing message to rise above the mosaic of competitive noise you need to evaluate your USP. Make sure that first and foremost that your company is able to deliver on what it promises.

Christian businesses should try to avoid using jargon, instead use everyday language, if they want their message to be easily understood and able to be retained. Finally take your great USP and integrate it into your marketing material. Your letterhead, business cards flyers and everywhere your company name appears it should be there too, compelling, attracting and drawing customers like a picnic draws an army of ants.

Laptops For Home or Business

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There is a model and color that will suit any discriminating taste.

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How A Christian Home-based Business Can Attract More Customers

woman with a megaphone

To help your Christian home-based business attract more customers and become welcomed as a marketer instead of viewed as an annoying salesman to your prospects, I've got few things you need to make sure are included in your marketing message. It doesn't matter if you're a selling consulting services, a retailer or handle religious oriented-products. What does matter is that your mission is articulated as part of your unique selling proposition.

It begins with you being clear about why you want to own a Christian company. Then to be successful in your marketplace, you've got to let your customers know up front what to expect from you. Here is an example from the Holy Bible of what I'm trying to describe to you.

Marketing Lessons From The Bible

In Luke 4:18-23 Jesus kicks off his ministry by telling the residents his hometown his mission. To preach the gospel to the poor; to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, and to preach the acceptable year of the Lord. Then he set out to do it and did accomplish just that.

Having that same kind of clarity of mission and delivering on your promise is what it takes to make a home-based business excel in the marketplace. Let's take a look at another more recent example of how a concise USP containing a mission statement can supercharge the sales for a business.

If you ask anyone in the U.S. where to get "Fresh, hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed?" You'll here one name 90 percent of the time, Dominoes. The company used a USP to dominate the pizza delivery business, by addressing a need that was truly important to the buyer. Getting their food hot and fast.

Why Christian Home-based Businesses Need A USP

Once you have a clear and concise USP, it'll improve the performance of your marketing message. Let me start by stating that there are two main benefits of developing a USP.

First, it helps your business stand out in the eyes of your current and potential customers or clients.
Second, it helps to focus you and/or your team on fulfilling the promise of the USP.

How To Create A Unique Selling Proposition

A USP is not just a slogan or a cute phrase about your business. It has to provide an answer to to your customers most important question. It has to clearly answer, "Why should I do business with you instead of your competitors?"

It should compel people to do business with you like a light attracts moth on a summer night. It also has to contain the right marketing message. One that draws customers to you, one that can't be ignored.

Use meaningful specifics instead broad generalities. It should narrowly define your specialization in the marketplace, because you'll have a lot of wasted energy if you try to be all things to all people.

If at all possible identify a weakness or a shortcoming in your industry that is annoying consumers the most and fix it. Then you can exploit the fact that your business can deliver a level of service that your competitors can't through your USP.

Another valuable feature of a your USP should be some kind of guarantee if at all possible.These are not the only things, but a few of the important things that can improve your marketing message.

Successful Christian Businesses

When you have the right unique selling proposition for your Christian home-based business, you'll take a quantum leap in income, sales and new customers.

It turned a small corner pizza store in Ypsilanti, Mich into a nationwide chain in with over 7,000 stores, and a wake littered with failed competitors. Since that time, Dominoes owner Tom Monaghan a Christian businessman, cashed out of Domino's in 1999 for a reported $1 billion to focus on religious and philanthropic work.

How To Find Free Classified Advertising That Works

sample classified ad
Image courtsey Viddler/Mgillogly

To find free classified advertising that works to drive traffic to your site, you have to know a few key things about the sites where you place your free ads. First and foremost you have to make sure that the audience you are trying to reach is present in large enough numbers on the site. Another factor that can affect the performance of the ad is the amount of information that you are able to present.

If you think of theses free ad website as a boat, that takes you closer to the fish, then it's easy to see that you need a sturdy reliable boat. More importantly you need to launch your boat where there are fish. Your ad is the bait and you have to go where there are plenty of fish, potential customers, in order to catch them.

Benefits Of Free Advertising

A lot of small and Christian businesses use having little or no money as a reason for not using advertising. So, if you're one of these businesses free advertising can be a Godsend to help you get the word out about your products and or services.

Cash is often a scarce commodity, to Christian |home-based businesses. As a business owner, you can trade your time for money. If you're willing to do some basic research and fact checking to make sure that your free ad is placed on a site where your product can get viewed.

It's always good to know that there are some fish under the boat before you spend all day trying to catch one. If there are only one or two fish in a big pond, you'll have a hard time trying to catch them. Your chances improve when there are lots of fish around.

Guidelines For Free Advertising On The Internet

These tips on finding good free classified advertising sites are a bare bones guideline for everyone who does business on the web and are seeking frugal ways to get a leg up on the competition.

Even if the site turns out to be a place that attracts tire kickers instead of customers, you haven't wasted any money.

If you do get a steady stream of customers from an online classified service, you'll know that purchasing a bigger ad will be money well spent. You can check out the ratings on a few of the sites in "Where To Find Free Advertising For Christian| Small businesses."

5 Features Of Good Classified Ad Site

When you looking for ads on the cheap you still have to be concerned with the quality of the website for your free online ad. You should apply similar metrics, on click through rates and conversions, as you would on any site. Even though you only invested your time, you want to receive fair value for the time you spent setting up the account and placing the advertisement.

You wouldn't go fishing without checking your boat for leaks and free ads need a checklist too. Here's mine. These are some of the things that help me identify quality free advertising sites:

• Multiple Currency Options
• Profiles For Business or Personal
• Newest Ads Displayed on Front Page
• Upgradeable Features
• Site Statistics

In my opinion good sites should provide most if not all of these features.

All Free Classified Ads Are Not Created Equal

Some free classified advertising have restrictions against placing ads containing affiliate links. A few of them won't let you use photos or place a link to your website. Instead you'll have to use a phone number or email address in order for people to contact you.

Sites that only allow you to post ads for short runs under 14 days aren't as desirable as places that offer 30 days or more.

Being resourceful is always a necessity for start-ups and home-based businesses to accomplish their marketing objectives. Using free online advertising can give you access to another source for getting customers or sales.

Where To Find Free Advertising For Small |Christian Businesses

free advertising

A hot forum topic in cyberbia these days is where to find free advertising for small|Christian businesses and home-based businesses. I'd like to offer a few solutions to this important question here, instead of in a forum, so that more people can benefit, and know how to connect with advertising exchanges, trade and bartering promotions and other in expensive forms of marketing to rev-up sales.

The information I'll cover can be used by small and Christian businesses, profit and non-profit businesses for services and products. I'll tell you about my experiences with these services and give you an idea of how these free ad services work and whether it's effective to use them.

Classified Ad Sites That Don't Charge

I know with the recent changes on the webs best known free advertising site, Craig's List, it's getting more challenging to use their free classified ads to sell products. Let me start by saying just because the first contact doesn't immediately lead to a sale, you can still mine the traffic from this site for your newsletter and E-zine list with the hopes of getting a sale down the road.

Some free ad sites allow you to post a picture of your items and others don't. What I found frustrating about some of them were character limits smaller than (under than 140 characters) Twitter, and no links to your website.

If you're going to advertise under those constraints you might as well go over to Twitter where you have a more potential customers.

Who Visits Free Ad Sites

I wanted to get products on about 50 sites so I targeted half that many, at first , to get a feel for the market. A few of the places that I used are E-Page classified, Walmart classified, Free adlist. What I quickly discovered is that for the most part many of the site weren't getting very much traffic or page views and their demographics didn't really fit the bill for my ideal customer.
I did a simple chart containing some of the key stats from a couple of the free ad sites, using data supplied on Alexa.

Traffic rank
Page Views per user
Avg Time on site
no data
25-34 males
25-44 MALES

I crafted a well designed ad with a huge promise and in the title and as much benefit laden text as the site would allow. Thus far Google analytic hasn't shown a single visitor from these sites, other than Craig's List.

Advertising Exchanges

I tried only one ad exchange listing,Superclix, they let me design my own plain single column black and white ad. They placed 3 single column ads on my site that look terrible and I'm planning to take it down soon. The main reason I've stuck with this advertising exchange site was to generate a backlink to my site from the product until I write an article, on the product, then I'll promptly discontinue my affiliation with the site.

Trade and Barter Techniques

My search for barter advertising was limited to a few SERP's, then I realized that I hadn't seen any barter ads on any of the dozens of sites I visit each week. I was able to find one site U-exchange, that looked promising, because they don't charge an upfront fee to use their bartering network. Some of the other sites I visited wanted several hundred dollars to become a member. I thought that was a little steep considering that the quality of the goods and services that I might receive may not suit my individual taste and I'll be stuck with something I don't care to use.

Ideas That Generate Real Profits

The cost of getting new customers is 6x more than selling to your existing pool of clients. Smart entrepreneurs are better off spending their time to organizing a system with to follow-up with their customers after each sale.

The father of Guerrilla marketing Jay Conrad Levinson put it this way, follow up or fall flat on your face. Every guerrilla knows that you have to maintain a constant contact with your clients, because it takes about 30 exposures to your message before you can make a sale to most people.

Mash that with the fact that the average person gets exposed to nearly 76 offline advertisements a day, and it's easy to understand why every marketer should contact people after the sale through regular follow ups at 30, 60 and 90-day intervals.

Give It Forward Marketing

Asking for referrals is another undervalued strategy that every small, home-based and Christian businesses can use to reach more customers. Giving your clients exceptional service and follow-up support motivates your best customers to tell others about your business. When you give willingly to your customers, they will return the favor. Many times when you contact a referral they have been pre-sold on doing business with you or at least are aware of your company.

One last tip, take that stack of business cards that's been collecting dust over the years and start calling some of those people up and renewing those relationship, by asking them how you can help their business. Give them an update on your email address and/or a cell phone number so they can reciprocate and you can begin regular follow ups with them.

Using Classified Ad Services That Don't Charge

If you place ads for your business on ad sites that don't charge, choose a site that matches the market intel of your ideal customers. There is always a chance that someone might view your ad.

There are techniques that work a lot better than cold calling and beat the return on investment of manually placing free advertising for small|Christian businesses all over cyberspace, make sure you're using them too.

Christian Businesses Play Vital Roles In Thier Community

A Christian business should be a source of strength in the community it serves. More awareness needs to be focused on the important roles that they play in the community and marketplace. Christian businessmen, standing at the junction of faith and business need to achieve more than just interjecting faith into the workplace, we can show Christian love and servant leadership by taking the lead to resolve social problems.

Many faith-based businesses get lumped together with social entrepreneurs, businesses that channel some or all of their profits into programs to help the homeless, relief organizations in third world countries and other philanthropic causes.

Social Entrepreneurs

The idea of being a socially responsible business is on the upswing, but learning to live right and helping those in need, is a concept that Christian-owned businesses have followed for a long time. A recent report in Business Week estimated the revenues of purpose driven companies has skyrocketed to about $40 billion.

Nutriset, a private company in France was founded by former African aid worker Michel Lescanne, his company has been selling food products to combat hunger and malnutrition since 1986.

Kirsten Tobey, and Kristin Richmond of Revolution Foods, talked to teachers, principals, parents, and students in public schools across the Bay Area, and discovered that they were concerned with better quality meals in schools. So the pair devised a concept to deliver nutritious and healthy lunches.

Christian Businesses That Are Making A Profit And A Difference

Chocolate manufacturer Milton S. Hershey and his wife, Catherine, staunch Christians started the Milton Hershey School in 1909 and donated his fortune for the ''maintenance, support and education'' of poor orphan boys.

Christian businessman Julius Walls Jr. is a minister and CEO of Greystone bakery a $5-million-a year-business that makes gourmet cakes which are served at the some of the finest restaurants in New York city.

Greystone bakery has become a role model for companies that want to mix social action into their business model. The bakery plows its profits into the Greyston Foundation, a non-profit arm that runs programs for needy families in it's surrounding neighborhood, whether or not they work for the bakery.

The foundation is funded through the bakery, grants, other business ventures, and private donations. It provides jobs, offers a computer class for school-age kids, and a clinic for people who are HIV positive.

Your Christian Business Can Make A Difference In Your Community

"The followers of Jesus will begin to demonstrate a new set of horizons for human life to their neighbors and even to their enemies—the horizons of shalom, the horizons of true humanity living in dependence on God. " Andy Crouch-Culture Making

If you want your Christian business to make a difference in your community, follow the lead of these successful businessmen that are changing lives and the way businesses use their profits.

Mohammd Yanus Nobel Peace Prize winner and founder of Garmeen Bank. The bank that pioneered micro-loans.

Bill Strickland's, Manchester Bidwell Corporation has changed the lives of thousands of disadvantaged urban teens and welfare mothers with his world-class arts centers and career training centers.

Jordan Kassalow, the founder of VisionSpring. A foundation that helps women create businesses to sell eye glasses to those who can rarely afford them, but need them the most.

In the 21st Century Christian businesses are poised to grow in size, influence and the ability to make positive impact in local communities. They can't shrink away from the true mission of every Christian, to do good, (Isaiah), and make this world a better place.

How Christian Businesses Can Leverage Their Marketing Systems For Success

business stationary

Christian businesses can leverage their marketing system to reach new markets and obtain new business by making sure they put excellence into everything they do. It should be reflected in every aspect of your company, from your humble business card to your level of service.

The Holy Bible gives the same kind of advice to Christians in Colossians 3:23 . It reminds us to do all things as if we were doing it for the Lord. You definitely would put use your best effort for the Lord and your customers deserve that same kind of treatment.

So what I'm saying doesn't come off as a generalized broad statement, let me explain and give you a few pointers that hopefully will prevent you from making marketing mistakes and help your business rise above the noise.

Designing Written Communications For Your Marketing System

An important part of your marketing system involves written communications. It's important that anything you send or give to customers looks professional and conveys a unified image and message. If your system comes with pre-ordered stationary make sure that it projects the right image, or get some that does. This include any of these marketing tools.

Business cards
Snail mail
Sales letters

Case in point. If you have some old faded cards or letterhead don't waste them, use them for scratch paper, but by no means should you give them to customers.

Marketing Using Business Cards

Let's take a look at the things that will make your business cards stand out from the crowd.

If you plan to add wow to your business cards enhance the quality of card stock that you use, use a graphic that's tasteful, but be careful you don't turn the WOW into a Whoa!

The best design strategy is to make your card useful to clients. This can be achieved by including a ticket for a freebie, a coupon or other pertinent information on the flip side of your card.

One highly useful format is the tri-fold card, you can place a menu or list of services on the back. This adds value to your cards and make them worth holding on to.

Designing Postcards For Your Marketing System

Another important part of Christian businesses marketing systems are your postcards. You may call them referral cards, contact cards, but if they are the standard 4X6 inch cards, that you send in the mail, they're considered postcards.

When designed and used properly, they are one of your marketing systems most effective tools. They're ideal to geo-target an area or buy a list of your ideal customers to mail them to.

Tips To Create Effective Postcards For Christian Businesses

Using stamps rather than a postage machine increases the effectiveness of your mailing.

Keep it simple, make it look like a postcard from a friend instead of a commercial advertisement.

State your biggest benefit. Then briefly add a few other advantages or features you provide.

Finish up with a compelling call to action, a reason for prospects to contact you.

Mike at Guerrilla Freelancing has few good tips on his list of 10 guerrilla marketing tactics for designers that you can review to give you a few more ideas on designing your postcards.

If you're still with me then you probably need more information about postcard design than I have room for in the remainder of this post. So, I'll have to continue how Christians can leverage marketing systems, next time I'll start with a few pointers on using graphics on postcard designs.

Why Christian Businesses Need A Marketing System

hand on rope

If you’ve ever wondered why Christian businesses need a marketing system to build their business stick around and I’ll give you some insight into the pros and cons of them.

Let me interject a biblical principle that I’ll discuss later on. If one prevail against him two shall withstand him and a three fold cord is not quickly broken.

Since everyone reading this may or may not be familiar with marketing systems. Lets start at square one. with what are marketing systems.

(textbook description)
A system create a synergy between your target market, the product, and marketing channels. It unites the interacting elements, the processes, the various steps and strategies, that a business uses consistently to obtain maximum result from every marketing effort.

Simply put, it’s having specific steps that you will follow for each level of your marketing campaigns. This will keep you from feeling like you’re chasing your tail and keep the phone ringing or the clicks, clicking in your business.

Do I Need A System

You need to earn some extra money so you come up with a good idea for a product and you open a Christian home-based business to sell it to the world. Now all that’s missing is a steady stream of customers for your business? You can hire a sales force to knock on doors and do the social marketing or do it yourself. Either way without the benefit of having sales/marketing experience and coordinated steps and processes to follow, you’ll get flattened by the competition and end up with a garage filled with boxes of your product.

How Does A System Work

Let’s rewind the above scenario and you still lack the sales and marketing experience, but you have a marketing system to follow. You become proactive and implement the easy to follow steps for half a dozen of the 20+ inexpensive marketing ideas.

Once you start getting a trickle of customers you add about another half a dozen of the easy and inexpensive marketing ideas to enhance the flow of customers to your business. Once you have a a few satisfied customers under your belt you implement more of the strategies in your sales/marketing system.

You try another of the easy tips and testimonials from your customers start rolling in. Things really begin to pick up then, because you have just tapped into the greatest source of customers for any business, word of mouth, now many of your customers start referring their friends and family and become evangelist for your business.

Proven Ideas To Grow Your Business

Think about it. You can rack your brain to come up with marketing ideas each time your sales cycle slows, that may and may not work or follow the proven ideas that are already working for others.

Now that I’ve given you a couple of reasons why you need a marketing system, I want to give you a few more just in case you’re still unsure that a marketing system will help you grow your Christian business.

You’ll learn:

Keys to getting more out of networking
Ways to market your business using business cards.
Tips on getting website traffic

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or if you have little or no sales experience you can position your Christian business as a competitive company in any arena by using just a few of the ideas for marketing that are a part of any good marketing system.

Beware Of These Pitfalls

There are a few drawbacks about marketing systems that you should be aware of, most importantly is that you do have to follow the steps to make them work.

If you get stuck and things are still not going as well as you want them some marketing systems don‘t have anyone to assist you in getting on the right track.

Making any business grow requires a time commitment from you to continue doing these steps over and over again.

There is no system that you can set up and leave on automatic pilot and never have to do anything to again. That’s not a system that’s a miracle.

Divine Principles For Business Success

When you align your business with Godly principles you are adding another cord that will strengthen your potential for success. It’s a win-win situation for your customers and yourself.

Marketing Systems For Christian Businesses 101

If you want a way to improve you Christan business so that you're not always worrying about new customers and slow sales cycles then you need to develop a marketing system. If you're just starting a business and don't know a lot about attracting the ideal customer and identifying your niche, you may need a pre-packaged marketing system to shorten your learning curve.

You've heard it said that there is nothing new under the sun! Well, you can get a winning edge by following in the footsteps of other successful businesses if you had a copy of their pattern.

I know...we are all taught that being a copy cat isn't cool, but when it comes to business that's just not the case. You see it all the time, franchises are merely copies of a proven business model, some companies become successful imitating other peoples products. We call them knock offs.

I'm not suggesting you resort to that kind of cheap trick at all. Christian's can use successful business patterns or concepts that work in any market. The best one's give you a process to follow and actionable steps to implement.

The Bible tells us in Hebrews, "That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises".

Using the example of others is another sound biblical principle that you can apply to your business to overcome the obstacles every entrepreneur will face.

I've searched the high end solutions and low end stuff and found that Success Stream products are affordable and written in a easy to follow format. More importantly they offer solutions to many of the biggest challenges facing Christian businessmen owners.

Take a look at a few of the things that you'll learn.

Putting Your Business on the Road to Success: The Secret to Writing a Simple Marketing Plan that Works

Turbo Charge Your Marketing Materials in 4 Simple Steps

The advantages of having a marketing systems can be the difference between boom and bust. Small business marketing expert Stacy Karacosta has documented her years of experience solving problems for businesses and created these helpful workbooks, CD's and handouts that lets you follow the same simple process and strategies she uses, to build your own business.

This systematic approach takes the guess work out what to do next, it becomes your roadmap to success. There are plenty of other benefits to following a pattern in your marketing process.

You'll gain more confidence knowing that you're following tried and tested methods.

Running your Christian enterprise will become easier as you implement the best practices that have been streamlined into an orderly arrangement of specific steps.

Each step triggers a positive change in the future of your company.

You'll go from haphazard plans to a predictable destiny.

It doesn't matter whether you're just starting your own business are a seasoned-pro using these concepts will give you:

More time for your core business

Less time worrying about avoiding marketing mistakes

The ability to schedule more free time for yourself.

Stacy put's it this way,

"Every small business needs a simple marketing plan that details where they are today, where they want to go, and how they intend to get there. Because, much like planning a road trip, if you don't know where you want to go and how you're going to get there there's no telling where you might end up! It could be somewhere wonderful, or you could end up broke and broken down in the middle of nowhere"

It's better than owning a small business franchise, because event though you're using the same steps you'll still be able to let your personality shine through to your customers. Getting a marketing system for your Christian business will eliminate the guess work to your sales and marketing solutions.

How To Run A Successful Business

The one weapon every business owner needs to run a successful business is also the one weapon that so many small and home based businesses lack, a marketing system.
If you contact me, (see the right sidebar) I’ll introduce you to some guys with lawn services, mechanic shops and other types of businesses that will tell you the explosive growth of their businesses is a result of using marketing automation software.

You have probably seen them in action, but didn’t realize it. If you have ever filled out a form on a website then went to your email and wham, the information you requested was already there waiting for you. You encountered a marketing system at work.

The entire process may involve different components of the system.

CRM (Customer relationship management) system
Website integration
Sales automation

If you find yourself repeating the same task several times a day, week or month like:

searching for customer information- searching through stacks of invoices or file cabinets can hog lots of time sending out announcements- stop losing sleep wondering if the right customers got the right announcement tracking sales ect. - do you know how many steps between a call and the sale for all your products

These are the kind of important non-revenue generating task marketing systems excel at doing, for you.

Automating Task Can Save You Money

You may be suffering from the businessman’s worst addiction, “doing things manually because that make you feel productive”, especially if you have been doing everything yourself for several years.
The truth be told, if you’re a one man shop or only have a couple of key employees, you really don’t want them wasting a bunch of man-hours every day, week or month doing stuff that don’t make you money and all or part of it can be easily automated.

Automating some of the office duties works way better than trying to manually do important task. Because if you forget about one form, one sale, or one simple request from a key client, you may lose the sale or turn them off and risk losing the person as a customer too.

The beauty of these types of systems is that you are not locked into doing things just one way. You can test and measure a variety of different techniques for attracting customers and closing sales. Yes Virginia, you still have figure out which marketing materials, strategies and processes works best for your business.

Risk And Rewards Of Marketing Systems

There are some risks as well as rewards that go with getting started with marketing systems:

Your return on investment (ROI) is directly related to how well you implement the system
You and/or your staff will have to get some training to use this vital weapon. Changes don’t happen overnight.
You’ll have plenty of time to get familiar with the system while getting things set-up and deployed.

Keys To Building Strong Businesses

It’s doesn’t take rocket science to run a successful business or keep your business up and running smoothly. The best way to build a strong business and customer relationships is by learning to use marketing systems.

If you would like to find out more about adding this valuable weapon (marketing automation software) or a ton of other highly effective business weapons to your arsenal. To see a demo my marketing automation software in action just click the go button.

Marketing Systems For Christian Businesses

To help you your business prosper, I've got the 411 on how you can get a free copy of a popular report,"Spread It" (A Systematic Plan To Grow Your Business Using The Internet).

It doesn't matter what you’re selling, be it products, services or ideas, there are three things that every Christian business has to do to become successful.

1. You have to reach your target market.

2. You have to explain what you have to offer, in way that they can understand it.

3. You have to create a dialogue with them to capture their loyalty.

Execute each of these three things well and repeat the process over and over again until your prospects realize that they really need the incredible benefits your products or services offer them.

Then and only then will they feel they have a good reason to buy from you.

Marketing Systems

How do you get your prospects to that level of desire? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out? It requires effective, consistent marketing.

I want to see more Christian business owners achieve this level of success, so I've added merchandise that are proven winners to help home-based and small businesses. Success Stream Sales and Marketing Solutions, is one of the best marketing systems on the internet and now you can purchase their high caliber products through my site.

The Essential Guide For Small Businesses

I recommend you try, The Small Business Website Bible by Stacy Karacostas. It's filled with proven marketing strategies that provide clear directions to help you increase your sales and grow your business. It's an essential guide for every small business.

They offer e-books, books, teleseminars, coaching seminars, and more to eliminate the guess work, stress, struggle and confusion of building a profitable company.Their products compliment each other for a flawless marketing system.

Maybe you have a idea for a business and you need some straight forward answers before you launch your dream.

There are tools for that too!

Marketing Your Christian Business

"Putting Your Business on the Road to Success"

"Hitting the Target: How to Choose the Best Marketing Tactics for Your Business"

They have a practical, easy-to-understand systems for small business owners who need to get the most bang for your marketing buck. Success Stream's provides the valuable marketing tools every Christian businessmen needs, to build a successful business online.

You really need to get the must read report, "The 7 Deadliest Small Business Marketing Sins" and see for yourself how valuable these resources are for your small business.

Grab it now and get started growing your business right away!

Internet Resources For Christian Businesses

business team

In Proverbs 15 we are reminded that without effective counsel, our may plans go bust, but you can increase your chance of success, if you'll have a multitude of counselors.

This divine principle holds true for Christian businesses too. If you are Christian just starting your own business or an established company,

you may not have access to expensive consultant, but you can obtain a similar benefit from useful internet resources. The key is to find portals that will give you fresh information on running your company.

Useful Web Sites

I've got several that I consult when I need to get my creative juices flowing. A recently discovered a a couple of websites with resources that are right on time and tips that are right on target.

"Business-Know-How" is one of them. Their easy to understand ideas, advice and resources are geared for success. Many of them can be easily implemented by any Christan businessman.

Tips And Information For Entrepreneurs

Christian entrepreneurs can find thought provoking articles on starting a business, E-commerce, growth and leadership.

Concentrating your sales and marketing efforts on these areas will help you build a better Christian business.

A few of the articles that I'd highly recommend are:

Principles for Inspiring Employees

The Secret to Making More Money with Less Effort