Managing a Successful Business using the Bible

How to guide a business to a higher level of success, using knowledge found in the word of God, is something that I have studied and I want to share three principles I’ve learned, that every business should be using.

Identifying your foes, intensifying your focus and using intentional faith are tools that can be applied to increase your sales, to encourage employees or enhance any other business activity.

To see these three key functions at work revisit Judges (7:1-25). Gideon the son of Joash, was guided by God to eliminate from his army, men that he knew would tremble with fear or turn back in the heat of battle, and those that were not well trained. This cut his forces from 20,000 to only 300 soldiers. This small band of wiser, battle-ready men were able to defeat larger armies.

How to Manage a Business using 3 key Biblical Principles

Identifying foes, carefully assess things that hinder you. In business we have to know what barriers can halt or block our road to success.

Intensifying focus, mental preparation helps us to create strategies and adapt to specific challenges, that are part of today’s constantly changing global marketplace.

Intentional faith has to be developed and used along with planning, organizing, leading and controlling, to influence the outcome of day to day decisions.

Applying biblical principals in the workplace shouldn’t be limited to difficult moments. It’s more effective to apply these strategies daily to compliment your traditional management tools.

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