5 Things Christians Can Do to Build Their Business

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The Christian business man’s approach to success is a path that requires a mix of traditional techniques and outside the box thinking, that based on faith. This is not a new paradigm. In 1929 James Cash Penney employed this method(Pr 3:5-6)during the depression.
His belief in the Golden Rule, the biblical principles he followed, was so strong that he gave credit during the depression when it was nearly impossible for customers to repay him. This sent him into bankruptcy, but he continued to practice the Godly principals, and rebuilt the J.C. Penny empire.

Five business building tools

Build a network of contacts in your industry that are Christians who are willing to assist you. These can be members from your church, chamber of commerce, suppliers or any one in your industry that is knowledgeable about your field of interest.

Build a portfolio. This is not just for artist and writers. If you do landscaping or give seminars, you need some samples of your work to show that you are able to get the job done. This also can open the door for more opportunities and a chance to learn to use some of the special features on the software and digital cameras that you should already own.

Develop your leadership and management skills(Pr 10:14). Even when you are strapped for cash, you can find free classes. Small business development centers and community colleges are just a few of the places where you can find low cost business courses and other training.

Reach out to others in your field. You should be having fun and making friends whether you’re in line getting a permit, attending a retreat or a convention. They are ideal places to meet other positive, happy and creative people, in your field, to share ideas with.
Pray to meet people you can help and those who can help you over time(Pr 11:25).

Find a mentor. We all should seek help to shorten the learning curve. Mentors that are Christians can also tell you how to stay on track spiritually and help you find answers to those tough questions that come with business.

Using Faith to Succeed

I’ve detailed these 5 steps to help Christians in their business or career (Pr 16:3). They are practical things that everyone can use, but Christians experience an extra benefit by praying for God’s guidance and favor to maximize them.

Do you view your faith as a fork in the road to a profitable business, or do you feel it shouldn’t be considered as a tool for success.

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