How to use the Bible for Daily Devotions

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The Bible describes in 2 Timothy how men can easily turn from the truth (Bible) to myths. It’s important that Christians be on guard in their personal studies against spending more time reading what others wrote about the word of God than reading the Word of God.
I’m a firm believer that God realized if we had to go to someone else to learn what he was saying that our spiritual growth could be hindered at the discretion of man.

I don’t want to be accused of that, do you? So I want to equip you to rightly divide the word. Let me give you some advice about using the Bible for daily devotion.

Here are 7 Strategies for Using the Bible for Devotions

1 Read Thoughtfully- Examine details by focusing on one point at a time.

2 Repeatedly - Go over every scripture again and again until you feel you know it’s principals well enough to move to the next one.

3 Prayerfully- Prayer should be used to open the door to your devotion time and to uncover the truths of the scriptures.

4 Selectively- Chose topics for your devotion that are in align with the focus of your daily and personal struggles.

5. Patiently- Slow down, don’t be in hurry to get to the next chapter or verse until you’ve learned and applied the current principle.

6. Imaginatively- Be creative by examining scripture from a variety of angles.

7. Meditatively- Let the word of God fill your mind.

By applying these steps repeatedly to every chapter and verse that you read, the Holy Spirit will guide you to wisdom, knowledge and to a better life.

In the "Religion News Blog" response to teens questions about cult influences Dr Billy Graham said

“cults always reject what the Bible teaches about itself.
The Bible alone is God’s Word — but cults add to it or substitute other books in its place.
One cult even insists that its “translation” of the Bible is the only reliable one — in spite of the fact that scholars universally reject it.”

Reading the Bible is not just a good idea but God’s idea. Anyone that says otherwise bears watching, because we don’t change God’s message, his message changes us.


Theo J. said...

I sometimes have problems with #5. We're always in a rush. Good post.

ruby said...

many times i struggled to mediate bible properly.. just before i read that all 7 points.. its nice.. i'm going to follow.. pray for me...
Thanks for your thoughts..