How to use your Bible as a Devotional

Christians have a lot of reasons for not reading the Bible. Here are a few that I found interesting. The Bible seems boring to me. I don’t own a Bible.

How often are you reading your Bible?

I hope that Christian men are applying some of the advice I’ve outlined to help them use the Bible during devotion. By now you should have discovered a few important keys to wisdom in the past 14 Chapters of Proverbs. Try making a personal list of 10 things that you feel are essential to your spiritual development.

To give you an idea of how to do this, take a look at this list I named 11 pillars of wisdom.

An unrighteous source creates an unrighteous destiny (Pr 13:11)

Righteous thoughts are fueled by righteous words (Pr 12:20)

The greatest rewards come from the Greatest (God) (Pr 9:10)

All of creation belongs to the creator (Pr 8:14-36)

I will hide the word in my heart that I may not sin against God (Pr 7:1-3)

The words of my mouth should line up with the Word in my heart(Pr 6:16-19)

Maintain discretion by maintaining discipline(Pr 5:20-23)

Watch where you walk(Pr 4:26)

Honor the Lord with my time, talent and treasure(Pr 3:9)

Walk in the Light of the Word(Pr 2:12-15)

Pattern your devotion after Jesus’ experience in the wilderness. He was led by the Holy Spirit into the desert - a place where there are no distractions without everything ( no food, no water). The only thing he needed and used to survive was faith.
Let the Holy Spirit lead you to the next level of understanding, wisdom and success.

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