Starting a Part-time business

Are you one of the many Christian men who would like to start your own business but just don’t know where to get started? Marvia from “Marvia’s Panama Journal” commented that she would use the “4 key qualities for success” if she had her own business.To help her and other Christians find ideas for starting a part-time business,I’m sharing some practical advice that has helped me.

If I have peaked your interest, you are probably thinking, where do I get started? How do I get started? Well, self discovery is the best place.

Proverbs 31:24 declares "noble women are gifted with a talent for business" and "
this scripture applies to Christian men too."

Let’s say that you just need to make some extra cash. A second job is one option, but a part-time business can add more than just a few dollars to your income. Lots of Christians build a business around their hobby or a special talent. That’s a good starting point, because you’re already doing something you love and cashing in on the time you spend enjoying it, is a smart choice.

There are plenty of places online that help you unlock and develop your business skills. Here are some I recommend to start a business.

Small Business Administration

The government has a vested interest in your success. Small businesses make up a large part of the economy in every country. The SBA has plenty of free advice and local offices in most states, where you can access marketing and population information to help you plan your way to success.

Start-up nation

One of the leading online content and community resources for entrepreneurs. The site features step by step advice and a start-up nation radio show with pod cast and community forums so that you can learn in an interactive environment.


The companion website to the magazine with the same name, puts tons of pages of information at your fingertips. The site features new business ideas, franchise opportunities and guides for just about every niche.

Here is an Ezine article that you should read in addition to visiting these websites it details a few things you should know before starting a business.

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