10 Tips on Marketing your Product to Christians

A lot of consumers, teenagers, baby boomers, and African-Americans, consider themselves Christians. They cut across just about every demographic segment of the population. Selling to them is not as difficult as you may think. I’ve listed some pointers for targeting this niche.

First, let me tell you about a successful marketing attempt to reach Christians, I found at Target Market News.

Ford goes after the Christian Market

Bishop T.D. Jakes, pastor of The Potters House, a Dallas mega-church with about 30,000 members, hosted a conference a couple of years ago, called MegaFest ,and Ford Motor Company signed on as co-sponsor. They were allowed to hold seminars and display products during the event, which drew 200,000 attendees.
Can you see the advantage of having a targeted captive audience to view your products and hear how wonderful their lives will be once they buy it?

If your interested in reaching a large number of consumers at once then displaying at trade shows and conferences are ideal places, to get the job done.

Ok. Every business can’t spend the amount of money Ford does to reach consumers, so here is an idea that entrepreneurs can adapt to Christians or any group.

Marketing thru Blogs

A small South African winery’s marketing strategy, used social media, focusing primarily on blogging. It’s first campaign started by giving away a bottle of wine to a select group of bloggers. Some of the bloggers wrote positive reviews about the wine and by the end of the year, sales had doubled. The results according to Search Engine Guide shows that before Stormhoek started involving bloggers in its marketing efforts, the winery sold around 40,000 cases of wine a year. Since then, their sales have climbed to 40,000 cases a week .

Could your company benefit from those kind of results! Well, here are some tips your company can apply.

10 Tips to Reach Christian Consumers

Identify and analyze your target market.
Develop goals for targeting individual segments of this group.
Research the market potential for your product.
Evaluate the performance of your marketing strategies.
Emphasis the benefits of your product.
Adapt your product promotions to take advantage of the power of social media.
Look for opportunities to partner with organizations that are familiar to the Christian market
Make it easy to do business with you.
Develop a marketing calendar.
Smart entrepreneurs will also look for a competitive edge.

Marketing to this $4 to $6 billion market niche makes good business sense and getting your company geared up to reach this group should be high on your company's radar.

Oh yeah……………
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