What Christian Men Want in Life

If you could find four things that people want most in life, these are the four that will be on just about every Christians list. Of course these aren’t the only needs or wants people have. These are important because they have both a spiritual and a physical component.


Many people work hard to acquire things to try and become happy.

You may know someone who has lots of material possessions or financial resources that offer them a higher level of contentment, but not real happiness. Others want to be a member of all the right circles of influence, but lack quality relationships with their family.
In the Bible Paul said, “I think myself happy.” The best kind of happiness comes from within.
If you allow things or other people to control your happiness, they may hold your happiness hostage.


Having all the money in the world won’t matter if you are unable to enjoy it.

Many of us neglect our health while we are young adults and end up suffering from diabetes, cancer and liver problems. There are only a few health related problems that can occur that can’t be controlled by medication, diet or exercise. By paying attention to your diet, following the advice for taking your medicine and participating in some type of exercise routine you’ll have better health


You can define hope simply as being optimistic about life however, there is a lot more that goes into being hopeful.

It’s only realized when you have reached the point in your spiritual maturity where you learn to set your hope in God. By making the choice to allow God to control the momentum, to change any situation, on your behalf. It makes for a better outlook even when trouble hits you squarely between the eyes.


This is not the three bedroom, three bath, estate that most people dream about, that’s a house. We all need a base of operation, a place where you feel safe and secure.

This home is a attitude of comfort. It’s also a feeling that the things that you value in life are safeguarded. Your family, your future, your salvation. That’s right, salvation is important. What real benefit will it be, if a Christian man gains the whole world, only to lose the chance of having a better life in the eternal kingdom of God. Do you really want to risk that?

If you are missing anyone of these four ingredients, you probably are not comfortable with your situation. Do you have a desire to change this, then you are a candidate for a better life. If you read John 10:9-11 it describes a life that is available for anyone who will put their faith in God.
Do you think people can find happiness without God?


Paul said...

For me, it seems that by seeking peace, happiness took care of itself - until I was 37.

After that, with the development of a rare and devastating progressive illness, peace is what lets me survive.

lance said...

Without God we fail in all these categories.

Writeonbro said...

Paul you are right, without JEHOVAH-SHALOM the Lord our peace we wouldn't survive for long in this world.