Using The Bible to Win Against: Sex, Drugs and Alcohol

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Do you feel burdened by your past, or do you know someone, struggling with addictions who wants to turn their life around? There is a way to have a better life. It doesn’t matter what type of problem that you may be experiencing, if you have God on your side you can find deliverance, from drugs, alcohol or any life challenging situation, through Christ.

Some of the scriptures in Proverbs 23 contains warnings to Christian men to avoid addictive habits, one of the traps the devil uses to rob them of a quality life. Whether it is drugs, sex or alcohol. The time period may have changed, but the same pitfalls await anyone who fails to heed the warnings.

They have always carried similar consequences, jail, death, or get help. Current facts tell us that these are not just words from cunning fables but words to live by. Addictions and abuse will continue to effect strong Christian men when they don’t heed the Bible's warnings.

Just ask Kwame Kilpatrick, the Detroit mayor who is being charged with committing a crime while in office. Others like, Heath Ledger, who died earlier this year of suspected drug overdose, or respected evangelical pastor Ted Haggard, who resigned from his ministry posts last year, lives have been damaged by failing to fully assess the consequences of their behavior.

How You Can Be Changed

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Their two keys necessary to break the cycle of any addiction. First, daily surrender to God by acknowledging this truth: "I am powerless over this (sin)." And second, a strong support system. Men who have broken free from addictive lifestyles, surround themselves with others living substance-free lives.

It was these principles, Julie West Garmon, points out in “Battling the Devil's Drug”, a story of about, Danae Betzer, a young woman addicted to “crystal meth”, that can set anyone free of addiction.

Often called "the devil's drug," "crystal meth," or "ice," shatters lives. It can wipe out families, and even communities.
It erases basic life and job skills, the importance of proper nutrition, self-esteem, and good friends.

Sin Is A Dead End

Proverbs 23:30-35 addresses the dangers of alcohol addiction. It gives vivid details of the psychological effects of drunkenness, but God holds the key to deliverance from this and other sins that can so easily beset us.

While men continue to ignore these age-old warnings from the Bible, Alcohol reported that 16,885 (39% of total traffic fatalities for the year) where alcohol-related in 2005. And cocaine related abuse account for 4-5000 deaths annually in the US.

You Can Be Free

If you or someone you know needs help seek professional advice about treatment options. To let them know that you are sincere about seeing them get over this hurdle stand with them in prayer and through the treatment process.

Set Free, a Christian rehab center in Riverside, California, with a decent success rate, helped Danae Betzer win her personal fight with crystal meth. Now she and her husband are helping others escape this deadly addiction. You can read Danae’s remarkable story of recovery at

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