How to Combine your Faith and Business

This month I’m discussing Christian businessmen and faith in the workplace because our faith (Pr 3:3-4) should affect our business decisions. We have to keep God first (Jer 10:23) in every area of our life. It’s not just the nightclub owner who has to address the issues of faith in his job. All Christian men whether they are a doctor, plumber or business manager will often face tough challenges in business that can compromise their Christian values.( 1Pe 2:11)

How to Build a Team of Christians Advisers

Christian business owners must fulfill God’s call on their lives and balance home, church, and a business. You don’t have to struggle to apply biblical principles in your work. You can seek advice from other businessmen that follow Christ to help solve difficult issues from a biblical perspective.
This is tough for some men, who have been taught to be independent until they realize that a prosperous man can’t be an island. Successful people all have mastered team building, (Pr 18:15 ) no one person can do everything.

Your team can be an informal group of your peers or a formal
“Associate with people who have compassion, intelligence and virtue, people who will become sources of strength instead of wells of weakness”
advises Kirbyjon H Caldwell , a minister and graduate of Wharton School of Business, in his book “The Gospel of Good Success.”

The President has a cabinet full of advisers, even surgeons use a highly skilled team to carry out difficult operations and the recent Super Bowl victory was achieved by a team of players led by a coaching staff. Many of them give God the credit for turning their team around and taking them to the championship game.

How Your Spirituality affects your Work, Family and Ministry

Getting support from other Christians from outside of your workplace will equip you to use your business and spiritual talents (Pr 16:3) to accomplish your personal and business objectives.

An effective business leader focused on developing their spiritual knowledge (Pr 15:24) will apply biblical principles in their work and fit their work in with family and ministry.
If you are a Christian businessman or considering marketing to the Christian
community, get some great tips from this free article on successful marketing to Christians.

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