How To Write Effective Advertising Copy

There is no secret or magic formula to writing effective advertising copy and crafting ads that work. It requires knowledge, practice and following the key fundamentals that I've discussed in the previous post and testing to find out what's working and what's not working.

If you're one of the many people that have been bamboozled into believing that all you need are some basic details, then you're doomed, until you are ready to give up the meals of mediocrity down in the valley and climb the mountain to take sips in the stream of success. The Bible states it best in James. It says that "Faith without works is dead."
I read a quote from another marketer on the article Want To Know The Dark Secrets Behind Monster Success, who puts it this way "when people ask how you did it & when you tell them, they refuse to believe it involves hours of study, work, effort, & putting your hard earned money into programs to learn from the best so that you could study & work your butt off implementing those programs."

Getting Started Writing Advertising Copy

SO, if you're looking for a quick fix, you can stop reading here or get out your pen and pad, or open a new document and prepare to take some serious notes as I take you on a journey to master writing successful advertising copy. I'm going to take you on a round by round, blow by blow account of what it takes to get your writing read and become a sought after writer and not just a writer seeking his next gig.

There are two ways to harness the power of words. One is to ask a struggling writer and make sure you don't do what he does or ask a successful writer and make sure you follow his instructions to the letter.

Seven Story Secrets

Here are some tips I've learned from some of the most successful advertising copywriters in the world. One of the best copywriter's Vin Montello's published Seven Story Secrets. It's a must read if you ever want to get your writing to break out of the box.

If you would rather have someone elese write for you you can try a Ghostwriter Service - This ghostwriter service offers writers from every walk of life, capable of taking your ideals and turning them into a compelling manuscript.

Before you go to the next blog, let me share this one last word with you. It's not enough to just read about writing ads, you have to begin to write and write until you can write an ad with all of the right elements in your sleep.

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