How To Be A Good Man and Still Be Tough

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In the Bible, good men are those who challenge the world’s view of a macho man. Good men pursue wisdom and cherish understanding. The kind of wisdom that gives them patience and finds glory in overlooking an offense.

Men using Proverbs as a daily devotional, will find the 19th chapter encourages them to be good Christian men by reinforcing the verses from previous chapters on maintaining discipline, wisdom and integrity.

Some men see these characteristics as being undesirable, because they lack the guidance of the Holy Spirit and are more than likely being influenced instead, by what the popular culture sees as right.

Good Christian Men Do The Righteous Thing

In today’s society it seems that most men have more extramarital affairs than they have fingers to count them on. A disciplined Christian will not buy into this behavior, but do what is righteous and not what seems right to the average Joe. Proverbs (19:27-29) points out that a lack of self-discipline can cause some harsh consequences.

Why Good Guys Need to Maintain Integrity

It is rare to find someone who will falsely accuse a man who everyone knows is a person of integrity. I was once accused of using unprofessional language (cussing) when this was brought to the attention of my boss, she suspected right away that the allegations were false.
Since we often ate lunch together, she had never witnessed me using that kind of language in casual conversation and knew it was not part of my character.

The scripture in the 23rd verse of Proverbs reminds us that when we reverence the Lord, challenges that can destroy the lives of others, we are promised to overcome.

Good Men Can Be Tough

Jesus and moneychagers

If there is someone who needs to be shown tough love you can try this piece of advice. The very next time you overlook an offense, boldly state to them, “ because the Holy Spirit dwells in me I’m ignoring your actions.” There is nothing Biblically wrong with being tough and firm.

In the Gospel of Mark Jesus is confrontational and assertive. We can follow his lead when taking a stand against wrong, wherever we see it. Just remember you can be angry without sinning.

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