How Christian Men Can Tell A Good Idea From A Business Opportunity

Christian Businessman

Just about all of us have had those moments when the light bulb goes off inside our head, so how can you know whether yours is a money making venture and not just a good idea?

Whatever great idea or business opportunity Christian men get from God, selling your product to Christians should be part of your marketing strategy. A study conducted by a major Christian retail channel shows the retail value of Christian products sold by its members through all distribution channels reached $4.63 billion in 2006.

These are not just Bibles and books. Their members offer a wide range of products and services from apparel, curriculum, gifts, greeting cards, music software and videos.

There are 5 questions that Christian men can ask upfront to uncover some key points before you sink your hard earned cash into any business.

1. What is your unique selling proposition?

Yes, you do have to sell your product Virginia Wolf and knowing what makes your product better than it’s competitors is crucial to its success.

2. What makes your product appealing?

A good product should have some kind of sensory or emotional appeal to consumers, in other words, it should make them look or fell better.

3. How will your products show value?

Value isn’t only about pricing. What about quality and there is the emotional aspect that's important too.

4. Is your product idea interesting and exciting?

Your product will be competing against lots of other established and new brands and being a dull "me too" won’t motivate sales.

5. Product features.

A good product has to deliver in more ways than one. It should be able to last longer or offer more uses than your competitors.

These are just a few of the many considerations every product should go through before it can take it's place on the shelves of any store. The Bible reminds Christian businessmen in Proverbs 21:5 to have well developed plans, so do lots of research before spending too much money on any business.
If you want more information on deciding if your product is a great idea or a business opportunity, I recommend Christian men take a few minutes to read, "Is Your Great Idea a Real Business". Melanie Lindner hits on a few more things you may want to consider about going from an idea to a viable business.

If you already have a product you would like to introduce to the Christian market, check out the website for the CBA it's one of the leading Christian retail channels. Christian businessmen should make every effort to attend one of the many trade shows and conferences they host for retailers of Christian products.

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jeleasure said...

Have you heard of C28? It is a Christian store that sells Christian products. More than just Bibles and Christian books and music.