Principals for Succesful Prayer

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While I’m on the subject of prayer let me tell you about a recent experience.

I could read the disappointment on the face of my friend as she held up a slip of paper that was included with her paycheck. After working only a couple of months at the meager paying job, the end of the month would be her last day of employment.
Later that evening we prayed together for God to give her guidance and favor to obtain another job.

Prayer moves the heart, the hand, the help of God on our behalf. To harness effective prayer, you must make praying as important as breathing by developing a prayer life. You should, stay on the main line, maintain frequent communication with God..

We should reach out to God throughout the day and not just make it a morning routine or nighttime ritual. Here are some other things about praying for Christian men to consider.

Harnessing the power of Prayer

We must trust that God loves us and will honor our request. Jesus told two blind men seeking healing, "According to your faith will it be done to you."

Jesus taught his disciples, “This is how you should pray.” “ Our Father” we shouldn’t focus only on our needs without praying for our friends, family even our leaders.

Remain expecting until you hear from God. The Old Testament Prophet Daniel (Dan 10:12-14) described how answers to our prayers are sometimes delayed.

The answer to my friends prayer

God’s answer to her prayer was something that she never would have imagined. Today my friend works for herself, she only has a couple of customers, but that’s a start.

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mon said...

Thank you for posting this article.Prayers really moved mountains.God is great that when He closes the door,He will surely let the windows open.