Building A Business Using Wisdom From The Bible

There some benefits to Building A Business Using Wisdom From The Bible that you should know about. First I'll tell you the list of promises God has in the Holy Bible that you'll obtain from wisdom, then I'll share some of the benefits that men have accredited to wisdom.

In order to build your business using wisdom, you have to flip the script. Let me explain just what I mean. We all have been used to seeking the knowledge of experts to get help with business decisions. That's a good habit. A better way is to seek the counsel of Christian businessmen who have wisdom and knowledge to guide your business.

Is there a difference between wisdom and knowledge? It sure is. Wisdom comes from God and has proven time and time again to provide the answers to questions that elude some of the most knowledgeable men in the world.

 How Christian Can Apply Biblical Wisdom

 He was often referred to as the Peanut Man, the plant doctor, or the sage of Tuskegee. Dr George Washington Carver said "I have risen regularly at four o'clock and have gone into the woods and talked with God. There he gives me my orders for the day."

Carver publicly discussed using his inspired methods of research and it left him at odds with the members of the scientific community. They valued rational, deductive methodology over intuition and divine revelation as methods of scientific inquiry.

It was the wisdom gained during his morning talks with God that helped Dr. Carver a former slave, contribute to turning the economy of the South around after the Civil War. He created about 100 products from peanuts that were useful for the house and farm, including cosmetics, dyes and gasoline. Dr. Carver is also credited with over 105 food recipes that used peanuts.

How You Can Obtain Wisdom

Wisdom comes from seeking God. It's one of God's many blessings he bestows on us when we seek him with our heart and soul.

It's not a result of seeking to answer the age old the question of, is there a God.

It's a benefit Dr Carver repeatedly acknowledged. As did King Solomon, who is known as one of the wisest men to have ever lived. The Bible records in Chronicles 9:2-3 that the Queen of Sheba put to King Solomon many questions and was delighted to find that he was able to answer them with wisdom.

Benefits Of Applying Wisdom To Your Business

In his book "The Gospel Of Good Success" (Simon and Schuster) Rev. Kirbyjohn Caldwell listed what he called Rules for the Road. They can help every struggling businessman understand how to use Faith and wisdom in their daily business decisions .

7 Rules For Applying Wisdom

1. The Who's in Charge Principle- Remember God is the owner of your business, you're just the manager.
2. The Give and Grow Principle- God expects blessings to flow through you to those around you.
3. Identify The Spiritual Gifts-When you practice stewardship, you do what God is calling you to do and do it to your very best.
4. Increase Your Faith-When you practice your spiritual gifts your Faith will increase.
5. Become Spiritually Sensitive-When you are spiritually sensitive you can hear God in places other than your ears.
6. Be a Blessing- We should want to be a blessing and not just receive a blessing.
7. Remember Your Indebtedness-We are all indebted to God and our previous generations.

Building A Business Using Wisdom From The Bible will allow you to experience untold benefits. Everyday lots of successful Christians apply wisdom in their business decisions in the 21st Century.

When you access and use wisdom to build a company, you can expect God to surround it with pleasantness, peace and prosperity. To activate wisdom in your business you have to start by making Faith one of your greatest allies in all that you do.

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