Why Christian Businesses Succeed in Any Economic Condition

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Many people are not aware of the biblical principles that work behind the scenes, to help Christians succeed in any economic condition. They are not new or special techniques, but spiritual principles that Christian businessmen can access everyday of their business life.

One of the most important principles is wisdom. It's enables you to judge situations from both a natural and spiritual perspective. It's one of the many benefits of letting God's Word guide your decision making processes.

It equips you with a discernment that other people don't have, because of that discernment, you'll be enabled to do what they can't do.

Wisdom will advance you in your business or career, keep you at peace (Prv 3:17-18). and provide you with a solution to any problem. (1 Cor 10:13)

How to Access Spiritual Wisdom

To obtain wisdom is simple. In the New Testament book of James (1:5) It says that all who ask can obtain wisdom from God. It requires you to bring every thought into obedience with the will of God (2 Co 10:5)

It's maintaining wisdom, that presents the biggest challenge for Christians. We have a cunning and persistent adversary who constantly tries to sabotage our faith in spiritual wisdom (2 Co 10:3-4). He uses fear, doubt and worry to hamper you from relying on spiritual wisdom.

Another thing that keeps most people from applying wisdom are the strongholds or mental thoughts process that they had before becoming a believer.

You probably heard some of the old wives tales and old adages that sound credible, but are not based on God's principles. There is safety in numbers and a bird in the hand is better than one in the bush are just a couple of them.

However, when you are guided by wisdom you walk by faith and not by sight. You begin to react based on what you know rather than what you feel or see.

Wisdom For Business Success

David Browne CEO and President of LensCrafters, has lived every entrepreneur’s dream. After a personal encounter with God, he began to realize that applying Christian principles to business was the only way win both morally and by the worlds measure of success.

He desired to emulate Jesus and began implementing a servant leadership model whereby he would strive to empower and encourage his employees instead of merely using them to fulfill his own objectives. It turned out to be a highly successful formula for his business.

David is quoted in "Living the Entrepreneurs Dream" saying, “ how can you really be a successful, complete person in business, politics, or in sports if you don’t know Christ?”

Faith in Action

Ask God to teach you to walk by faith.


JCL said...

Excellent article! Personally it is a joy for me to learn more and more what it means to 'cast your cares' on Him... especially in today's economy, every time someone brings up how bad things are it is an open door to witness.

ajay rahul said...

this very nice thing i liked that i am interested to know how to get success.