3 Ways Christian Businesses Can Attract More Customers

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You may recall a quote in my last post? Where I mentioned that Dunn and Bradstreet attributes the lack ofsales and customers as major reasons that many businesses fail. I've dug up some tips and tools that I've found useful in my business, to help Christian businesses over come these dangerous hurdles by attracting more customers and sales.

Direct marketing

Saves you time and money by getting your message to your target market without using a third party like a newspaper or a commercial.

Marketing Research

Smart Christian business owners strive to learn as much as possible about their customers needs. They make an effort to find out what there wants, needs and what motivates them to buy.


Understanding your customers and how they behave to specific offers to buy reduces the guess work of how to fill your Christian business with a pool of buyers.

Take the time experiment with these tools and see which one's are the right fit for your business. Before long your friends and family will be saying the same things about your business skills that Hiram said about Solomon.

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