When Does A Business Need A Website

Have you been wondering if owning a website will benefit your small or home-based business? Read the statements below if any are true, then the answer to that question mon frére , is yes.

Your business is more than a hobby and you want your customers to see you as a professional. 

 A website is a platform where you can demonstrate  your expertise through videos, photos and stories detailing why your product or service is better than your competitors and how it will make your customers life better.
You want to grow your brand inside and outside of your local  community maybe even globally .  

The key is not to just attract an  audience, but for people who learn about your service or product to be able to take action from wherever, whenever using the content on your website.

You are one of a handful of people in the world with special knowledge or expertise on a particular subject. 

Don’t keep those special skills,  advice and expertise locked away inside of your head. You can put them in  free e-books, white papers, or case studies and use them as incentives to attract a steady stream of website visitors and in no time flat you can turn that knowledge into a steady stream of customers.

You want to find and connect with new clients for your business?

 A website is the tool of choice  for introducing customers to a  business, its products and/or services.

You  want to reach more customers without paying a lot more? 

Who doesn’t, right?  Your website should be designed like an armory and stocked with an arsenal full of online marketing weapons. Especially these 7 marketing weapons that everyone should have.  

E-mail marketing,
Keyword-rich domain name

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