Should Christians Share Their Faith in the Workplace.

Should Christian business owners glorify God, the source of their wisdom and success in the workplace? This point of discussion has people on both sides of the issue who make good arguments, but it’s the guidance from the Bible,(Mark 8:38) that we must apply to this matter.

Most companies, for a variety of reasons, don’t use religious symbols as part of their business logos or corporate identity unless they’re marketing to Christians. This practice isn’t always based on research, but personal opinions.
Christians consumers spend about 4 to 6 billion dollars annually, no matter what product or service you’re offering attracting Christians makes good business sense.

There are plenty of businessmen that are hesitant to share their personal testimony. Their employees may not even know they’re Christians, other than a cross or bible neatly tucked away in their office, their role as an evangelist and disciple of Jesus escapes noticing.

Peter took this same approach during the crucifixion of Christ and distanced himself from the other disciples. The angel that appeared at Jesus's tomb(Mark 16:7) remarked, to the women looking for his body, tell the disciples and Peter to meet him in Galilee.

Here’s what a couple of well known business owners, who openly practice Christian discipleship have to say.

Zig Ziglar

His training organization’s value statement declares, they are a team embracing the Golden Rule and serving with integrity. In Don't Talk About Jesus? Zig Ziglar shares “When I first turned my life over to the Lord, some of my friends and associates cautioned me-"for my own good"-not to try to convert the world.
They suggested I had a good thing going and that I would upset others and offend a lot of people if I mentioned Jesus Christ in my talks.
Interesting, isn't it? One man can tell a dirty joke and use profanity, often without censure, and another is urged not to talk about Jesus Christ.”

Making Jesus a Big Name in NASCAR

Veteran driver Morgan Shepherd, has competed in more than 750 NASCAR races during his career and is the heart and soul behind the Faith Motorsports team.
A recent "Christian Business Daily" article by Steve Sorenson pointed out
“This racing professional knows his life serves a higher purpose than the excitement of racing, or a celebrity lifestyle, or even competitive success, because his success on the track is never more meaningful than when he uses it to point people to Jesus Christ.”

The Bible and prayer is being ushered out of schools and other public places and Christians must become more concerned with sharing their faith in the workplace, where most of us spend 40 to 60 hours a week.

What are your habits for sharing your faith in your workplace or neighborhood?

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