5 Keys To Improving Your Christian Business

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One of the first steps to improving profits in a Christian-owned business is to ratchet up your Faith. Past discussions highlighted the important role Faith played in the lives of successful Christian businessmen like Milton Hershey and Dale Carnegie. In this brief discussion I'll show you why Faith is more than just part of religious ideology, and it should be an integral part of you, your lifestyle and your business.

"In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps" (Proverbs 16:9 NIV). We have the promise of God's guidance. We just need to raise our faith to a higher level and seek God's assistance so that we can bear more fruit.

Accidental Discoveries

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg and his brother Will Keith Kellogg were searching for wholesome foods to feed patients, when they accidentally left some boiled wheat sitting out that got stale.

The brothers tried to make the wheat into sheets of dough, but wound up with flakes instead. Undaunted by the setback they toasted the flakes and served them anyway. They soon became a big hit with patients and set the stage for the founding of the Kellogg Cereal company.

Faith is more than just a way that we can please God. It's a biblical principle that can help your business and prevent you from feeling like we're being victimized when accidents or uncontrollable circumstances occur.

Applying of Principles of Faith In Business

Starting a business is one of the easiest steps in the business building process. According to the SBA, 600,000 businesses are started each year in the U.S. By the end of the second year only two-thirds of new businesses survive, and only 44 percent of those manage to hang in there for four years. To avoid being a part of this grim statistics, and get your business to the next level follow these guidelines.

Focus on that which you desire most.
Emulate someone you admire.
Develop and attitude of gratitude.
Recognize that strength grows out of struggle.
Learn or acquire skills that will take you to the next level.

All of these key elements will help you to harness Faith as a business tool.
You still need to gain access to the best marketing and planning tools and techniques available. To position your Christian-owned business, so when the opportunity for success comes your way you can minimize the chances for failures.

The Academics Of Faith

Focus is a biggie. It is what will keep you pushing forward when the going gets tough.

Emulating others means that you should imitate the Faith of successful leaders and not their personalities.

Being thankful for what you have today, is at the foundation of getting to the next level.

Without test there can't be any testimonies. By exercising Faith and patience you can overcome any hurdles.

The knowledge that you have might be good enough to get you started, but learning has to become a life long commitment.

How Christian-owned Businesses Reach New Level

Bill Gates might have been just another computer programmer if he had not kept pushing the envelope to learn what new things could be done using a computer.

Dr. Ben Carson's book "Gifted Hands" reveals that many of Carson's decisions are rooted in his Faith, with his greatest priority being to use the talents as a brain surgeon that God has given him to help others.

It takes getting out of your comfort zone and moving into a place where you can accomplish more to get to the next level.

Things To Do

It's important to write down all the steps you can take to improve your business. Next, you need to outline them and rate them on a scale from 1 to 5. Using 1 as the least effective and 5 being highly effective.

The next step is to begin doing some informal research and testing of each of the things on your list to establish benchmarks, timetables and action plans for implementing them.

Embracing Change

The main key to improving a Christian-owned or any business is by changing what, when, why or how you're performing some of your daily task.

If you're not willing to change or open to implementing new ideas, then you need to assess whether you're comfortable where you are or afraid to reach the next level.

3 Tips On Christian Business Networking

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Christian business networking groups and organizations can boost the home-based Christian businessman's personal skill set, professional contacts and help increase profits. Here a few tips recommended by Eric Standlee, of InHouston. A succesful business networking group that advocates Pay-it-forward-Servant leadership networking.
Christian business networking events are an ideal place to meet savvy A-list business professional who know the importance of building relationships with other colleagues.

If you haven't made time on your busy schedule for networking. Let me toss you a few reasons why you should. Tops on the list is that attending and participating in Christian business networking groups and organizations can boost the home-based Christian businessman's personal skill set, professional contacts and help increase profits .

Success Stories

Just ask George Kleeman, the former race director of the Houston Marathon. He was really frustrated with searching for a local sponsor or bank financing to raise money for the race. One day after his daily run with a a couple of friends and another guy who tagged along, he was discussing this problem.

The new guy, who George didn't know very well, told him, "I think I might be able to help". George soon discovered that his new found friend was the treasurer of Tenneco Oil. He gladly helped the marathon secured Tenneco as its chief sponsor.

Networking events are designed to fit around the schedules of busy professionals. They're not all held in evenings. Some clubs meet in the mornings, and afternoon luncheons are also popular events. You can find an networking event happening just about every day of the week in most neighborhoods, at local restaurants, hangouts and meeting rooms in most cities.

Networking Tips For Busy Christian Business Professionals

Here a few tips recommended by Eric Standlee, of InHouston, a successful business networking group that advocates Pay-it-forward-Servant leadership networking.

1. Practice the "Golden Trifecta" - be appreciative, courteous, and respectful.
2. Extend a warm welcome to new members - a helpful and welcoming community benefits everyone.
3. Don't hesitate to ask for help or a perspective - everyone here to learn together.

Business networking events are places to greet and meet with businessmen and other Christians in your community, that work in your industry. Be prepared to introduce yourself using a sharp, concise elevator pitch over and over.

Leave your sales pitch at the door unless you want other members to avoid you. People who attend Christian networking events are just like you and I. They don't expect to have to fight off pit-bull style sales pitches all night. They come to networking events to let their hair down and socialize with other professionals.

Building Your Network

If you're not sure where to go, or how to get involved in Christian business networking in your area, one starting point is the local SBDC office it's always a good place to find any kind of resources for Christian Businessmen.

Another way to meet some fresh faces is to check to see if your state, city or country has opened a technology center. Their networking events are becoming fertile grounds for Christian entrepreneurs, technology enthusiasts, and investors looking to form win-win relationship.

How To Write Effective Advertising Copy

There is no secret or magic formula to writing effective advertising copy and crafting ads that work. It requires knowledge, practice and following the key fundamentals that I've discussed in the previous post and testing to find out what's working and what's not working.

If you're one of the many people that have been bamboozled into believing that all you need are some basic details, then you're doomed, until you are ready to give up the meals of mediocrity down in the valley and climb the mountain to take sips in the stream of success. The Bible states it best in James. It says that "Faith without works is dead."
I read a quote from another marketer on the article Want To Know The Dark Secrets Behind Monster Success, who puts it this way "when people ask how you did it & when you tell them, they refuse to believe it involves hours of study, work, effort, & putting your hard earned money into programs to learn from the best so that you could study & work your butt off implementing those programs."

Getting Started Writing Advertising Copy

SO, if you're looking for a quick fix, you can stop reading here or get out your pen and pad, or open a new document and prepare to take some serious notes as I take you on a journey to master writing successful advertising copy. I'm going to take you on a round by round, blow by blow account of what it takes to get your writing read and become a sought after writer and not just a writer seeking his next gig.

There are two ways to harness the power of words. One is to ask a struggling writer and make sure you don't do what he does or ask a successful writer and make sure you follow his instructions to the letter.

Seven Story Secrets

Here are some tips I've learned from some of the most successful advertising copywriters in the world. One of the best copywriter's Vin Montello's published Seven Story Secrets. It's a must read if you ever want to get your writing to break out of the box.

If you would rather have someone elese write for you you can try a Ghostwriter Service - This ghostwriter service offers writers from every walk of life, capable of taking your ideals and turning them into a compelling manuscript.

Before you go to the next blog, let me share this one last word with you. It's not enough to just read about writing ads, you have to begin to write and write until you can write an ad with all of the right elements in your sleep.

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