How to Say No and Still Be A Good Christian Man

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Are you are tired of being mistaken for Mr. Too Nice? Do you feel your friends, family and even your pet have mistaken your kindness for weakness? Let me share something with you, that can help change that image.

Many good Christians men are getting a bad rap because of their conviction to adhere to the scriptures in the Bible. We are the ones that back down from an argument or will turn the other cheek when we have been offended. Sometimes we fail to get ruffled by what people do or say, things that other people might consider as fighting words.

Nice Guy or Good Guy: What’s the Difference?

It’s not because we lack assertiveness are feel defenseless. It’s because of the power of God is at work in us, providing the strength to avoid strife. And we’d rather allow our lights to shine into this dark world than surrender our peace, love and happiness to the forces of darkness.

Real Christian men should never be a Mr. Too Nice, someone who is afraid to say no,
or is wimpy and let controlling spouses, friends or family members physically or verbally abuse them

A good Christian, will stand up for himself and others who are being mistreated. When people attempt to manipulate him, he confronts them about their habit. If they refuse to change then he knows that he’s better off not being around that person.

Good Guys Do Win

If you are one of those who are fortunate enough to be considered as a good man then you are in the best of company and there are some assurances in the Bible that you should know about. Proverbs 22 states that a good name is more desirable than riches. And in Acts of the Apostles it says, “Jesus of Nazareth went around doing good.”

Only you know you and why you do what you do. If you are sure that your actions are not because you have a problem handling conflict. It’s alright to give, share and be known as a good man, as long as your relationships are healthy and you’re content and feel whole.

If you think you have a problem handling conflict, there is something you can read to help you understand how to change that image. Check out former nice guy, Paul Coughlin as he talks about his struggle with being a nice guy.

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