Solving Business Problems Using Biblical Principles

lions and elephants

If you had to eat an elephant how would you do it? With bar-b-cue sauce, replied a young girl to her father. Rather than worry how long it would take to eat the meal she found something to make her difficult job easier.
Daily problems that occur in business often seem like the task of eating an elephant, until you have learned how to use faith and practical business knowledge combined, to overcome any difficult situation.

In the new testament book, Luke (5:1-11)there were some experienced fishermen who worked all night without catching a single fish. They were told by Jesus to go back and try again. When they followed his instructions, of where to let down their nets, they caught so many fish it took two boats to bring them back to shore.

How to Solve any Problem

The biblical principles that we can benefit from in this story is learning how to survey our problems Whether it is a lack of customers or tax problems, we need to understand what specific area of our business needs attention.

Another insight from this scripture is in solving the problem.
Many times Christian business men try and resolve challenging situations using their intelligence without applying faith.
These fisherman trusted Jesus’ word, even though he was a carpenter, leading to a miraculous catch of fish.

The Promises of God

God has promised that he will provide our needs, deliver us from our troubles,(Ps 37:23-24) and help us when we fail and more. We can always find verses or chapters from the Bible that can be applied to our challenges. Then use them, to light our own fires from their torches, enabling our challenges to become pleasant experiences.

Do you pray before you seek answers to problems or pray that your answer will solve the problem?

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