How to Use the Bible for a Devotional

Now that we have established the mechanics of using the Bible to have devotion each day. Let’s get up to speed on using the scriptures for daily inspiration. Since were using a chapter from Proverbs for each day of the month, let’s go to the 13th Chapter.

Once you have read over the entire chapter to get and understanding of the topics being presented, you can began your focus on the first 3 verses.

How The Bible Relates to Your Life

It’s obvious, from the cradle to the grave, there is a need for guidance in everyone’s life. However, a wise son will be receptive to a father’s instructions. Are you receptive to the Father and willing to do the right thing? Or, are you busy doing your own thang? What’s the right thing?

Doing what’s pleasing in the sight of God. These scriptures all highlight the stark contrast between what may seem right to a man and the right thing.

The Fruit Of Your Mouth

What you talk about, your choice of words and the manner in which they're spoken have a longer impact than the brief seconds, the words fill the air. The scriptures compares our words to fruit.

Fruit taste sweet and carry seeds. Also, hidden inside them are beneficial vitamins and nutrients that enable our bodies to grow. To mirror fruit our words should be pleasant, sweet and plentiful. For they carry the seeds of our future. Do you allow good fruit or rotten fruit to fall from your lips? Read this article by Mary Wilke if you want more advice about changing your words.

Using a Bible Dictionary and Concordance

Now take a look in the Bible dictionary for fruit, and use your concordance too. This frequently mentioned phrase needs to really be understood. It’s the principle of applying it that we all have to master, if we want to enjoy the good things the Lord has in store for us.

Words contain seeds. Plant enough of them in fertile ground, and they'll take root and produce (like produces like)exactly what you say.

Remember to use your words creatively and wisely. Meditate on today's scriptures throughout the day.

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