How To use Spiritual Laws to Impact Your Success

We all have a choice, whether or not to use our spiritual resources to enhance our business skills. Successful Christian businessmen have the discipline to practice biblical principals which harness the power of God to build their business.
If you plan to start your own business, identify situations where you can utilize spiritual tools to strengthen your company. There are spiritual laws at work (Rm 8:26-27) in today’s world as well as physical laws, for instance the law of gravity keeps us tethered to the ground. There are spiritual laws that govern what happens when Christians speak.

What Christians Should Know About These Important Laws

We have to carefully select the words that we say about our circumstances, because they have a causative effect on our life.

Have you ever noticed people who are constant complainers, cynical and depressed, always have plenty of problems to gripe about. When you are experiencing a bad day do you make it a point to tell everyone around you how bad things are going or do you encourage yourself with words and ideas to make things better?

I recently heard a story about a group of sales managers that met for lunch whose daily habit was to talk about how bad their salesman were doing. One manager decided that he would change what he was saying about his team. He started declaring, by faith, that his sales were getting better. It wasn’t long before his salesman started outselling his competition.

A Law That Will Improve Your Thoughts

Christians that have read James(3:3-6) know we should guard what we think and say, for the tongue sets the course of our lives. Philippians tell us that whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

If your words are shaping your life, what kind of future have you created for yourself today? Have you been thinking that you’re successful or saying that your company is going under? You have set in motion the laws that will make those words your destiny.

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