Proverbs 31: Biblical Advice For A Happy Marriage

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Throughout the entire Book of Proverbs it challenges young men, to take on responsibility and gives them reminders to avoid getting stuck in the stage of adolescent thrill-seeking, something that I hope young Christian men and women will take to heart. Especially those who are married or planning on getting married in the near future.

When it comes to having a happy home, healthy self-esteem and a satisfying marriage, you can’t beat the quality advice found in the Bible. Many of the verses in Proverbs speak to these issues, and a deeper one, spirituality.

Is The Bible Still Relevant?

The past few weeks using Proverbs as a devotional has been a consistent theme of Brother to Brother. I wanted to remind Christian men that before the proliferation of daily devotionals, in the past few years, the Bible was and still is, the best of all inspired writings. When read daily, it can make positive impacts in the lives of Christian believers.

Proverbs’ 31 chapters contain enough wisdom for men to read one each day. And after researching the scripture references in their study bible, they’ll increase their scriptural knowledge and have a better understanding of the Bible’s message to males, in this generation. Because the message of the Bible is timeless.

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The themes presented in this chapter are often misunderstood. For instance, women are often referred to as “Proverbs 31 women”. You may be surprised to know that I disagree, yes, I take issue with that perception. I hope that there are some “Proverb 31 men,” those who have read this chapter and saw the need to become a husband of noble character.

The description of a person who is intuitive and uses their skills to provide for the family, in Proverbs 10-31, aren’t limited to the role of the woman. Just as all the scriptures in the Bible are directed to every Christian, these verses offer wisdom and guidance for men, too. Not just in verses 31:11&23, but the final verses of the chapter could just as well described a husband who is worth far more than rubies.

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I’m not taking sides with the critics who say that the church has been feminized or the feminist who say the language of the Bible is sexist, instead I’m speaking from the heart of a man who strives daily to walk closer with the master.

But, another thing I have noticed, is that when men marry a Proverb 31 woman, it has a tendency to shake up the norms that some people are used to having. I fail to understand why in the world would some men feel a threat to their masculinity, because their wives earn more money then they do.


The last verses reflect how marriage requires equal cooperation and high standards from both partners. It supports the main themes of Proverbs, that encourages us to be sober minded, to seek social justice and spirituality to ensure a balanced life and a happy marriage.

If your relationship is on the rocks because of finances or other circumstances and you need some additional resources to get things together, there is a another website ( that has some additional practical advice for married couples on “How Happy Couples Stay that Way”.

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