How To Market Your Christian Business To Rise Above The Noise

pitcher and catcher talking

Let me share a biblical principle that Christian businessmen can use as a tool to strengthen their self-esteem and to win the trust, support, respect, loyalty, and affection of your customers friends and prospects.

This fundamental Christian tenet is essential if you want to create a magnetic personality or use attraction techniques in your Christan business

that will rev-up it's marketing and rise above the noise in the marketplace.

Biblical Principle For Effective Marketing

There are a lots proven techniques that you can practice to make more friends and business contacts. They can all be summed up in the biblical principle, " Do unto others as you have them do unto you" (Matthew 7:12). Simply put, pay attention to the other person's interests and desires if you want them to pay attention to you.

Let the other person talk about what they like.

Everybody likes to talk about something they enjoy.

Don't interrupt them while they're talking .

No one likes to be stopped half way of talking, even though they may not show their feelings.

Don't change subjects just because you have no interest in theirs.

When you listen and and ask relevant questions, you might talk much less than them, but you'll become a good communicator in their eyes,.

Building A Good Rapport

You've seen people who walk into a crowded room and immediately standout from the rest of the crowd. People often ask them for their business card before they can pass them out.

As a Christian businessperson you should actively engage people in every setting and arena that you are a part of, to create the kind of interest that will get your business noticed.

Christians can learn to talk passionately about their business to prospects and clients using benefit-oriented statements describing how your company can help them. This will encourage people to want to connect and develop a relationship with you.

The best way to engage everyone you meet is by taking time to learn something about them first. Then you can phrase what you tell them about your business to focus on the benefits that will fulfill one or more of their needs.

The Three L's of Attraction Marketing

Learn about them.

By taking the time to get know something that you share in common or they are concerned about, the people you are talking to will know that you have a genuine interest in them.

Look them in the eye.

I'm not talking about a leering or staring at people until they become nervous and uncomfortable. Maintaining direct eye contact signals to your customer or prospect that you are listening to them.

Listen to peers and customers.

Keep an open ear and be open to suggestions from those around you. Sometimes others can see things that you missed. Many suggestions are indirect buying signals that can give you the information you need to make the next big sell.

More Marketing Tips To Boost Sales

If you practice using these marketing tool you'll became a much more effective Christian entrepreneur. It will have a dramatic impact where it counts the most, on your bottom line, by increased sales, revenue and cash flow for your Christian business.

Need more tips on about applying this technique? Check out some of the podcast from the Business Owners Toolkit they have an episode featuring Lori Martinek "Be the bulb, How to shine in business" that I found helpful.


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