Christian Men: Principles From The Bible

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Which principles dominate your decision making process? Decisions are based on several influences and knowing how to stay connected to the right influences, principles from the Bible, can mean the difference between failure and success of any goals or plans Christian men have for their future.

Years ago, when mean spirited deacons had the police arrest the pastor of their church for trespassing, it was biblical principals that guided the minister’s decision to continue preaching the Word of God. The urge to quit, and to seek vengeance were pushed aside and I. V. Hillard went on to found one of the largest churches in the U S.

First, he had to stay focused and fight the feelings that come when you experience a setback. He told about making a conscious choice to forgive the men that had him locked up. Then he came to the realization of how important it was to continue preaching, if not at that particular church, then he’d just have to preach somewhere else.

Proverbs 24, is filled with verses that can increase your ability to make sound decisions. Let me outline some bad habits that Christians need to avoid when they’re faced with challenges and need to overcome them.

Habits to Avoid

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Quitting: Proverbs 24:27 you have to cultivate a passion for finishing projects you’ve started.

Laziness: Verse 30-34 mentions the lack of sound judgment will result in you neglecting to do any work.

Vengeance: The verse in 24:17 says do not gloat when your enemy falls.

The Bible is filled with scriptures that you can read to increase your faith that God stands behind his principles. The right mix of self-confidence and God-confidence can be developed by practicing relying on his word. The Word of God and its scriptures will work for you, if you apply them correctly.

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