The Power of Prayer

Prayer is really the only way a man can improve himself. It allows us to tap into the divine knowledge of God. Prayer is the only thing that can do that.

There is probably not a person, place or proprietor on the planet that doesn’t want to better themselves. Not just people, corporations, and even the cities we live in are constantly trying to present better images.

In Proverbs( 15:22) it reminds us that effective planning uses a multitude of counselors.

Getting credible advice from other experts and thought leaders on what they see ahead, enables us to prepare ourselves then we can make doable goals, based on our strengths.

That’s why the president has a cabinet, even the old testament mentions King David’s advisers, three mighty men, valiant warriors who were famous for killing hundreds of men in a single battle.

If you visited this blog more than once or twice you probably noticed that
I’m always tweaking with the layout and content of this site as I try to build a blog that enhances the user experience. I have been sorting through the advice on the Blog Squad, and I reached out to a purpose driven blogger, from my blogroll, Average Bro.

I asked him for his insights, he commented “you got to ask God for favor.” that was the best advice I’ve ever received.

Prayer is indeed the best way we can make positive changes in our family, community and ourselves.

Helping people find the information they want when they need it is a specialty that I use in marketing daily. Getting straight talk from my sources is important for my continued success. So I want to publicly thank AverageBro for his words of wisdom.
By the way, he has just been picked to appear on NPR News & Notes, check out his blog for the details.

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soulandsubstance said...

In keeping with the power of prayer is a wonderful book I read, called "Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire," by Jim Cymbala, Pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle. It showed how a praying pastor and a praying congregation can move mountains. It is published by Zondervan.