Improving Self-Esteem for Christian Men

Are you a Christian man who is easily angered, do you feel that other people are to blame for your problems? You may be suffering from low self-esteem.

In one of the most gruesome murder cases to hit Texas, a man has allegedly told police he was instructed by God to kill his girlfriend and cook parts of her body.

That’s a lie from the pits of hell and the voice he heard was from the devil and not from God. Galatians 5:14 reminds us that you should love our neighbor as yourself. That hinders eating, beating, lynching, or murdering anyone unless that’s how you would treat yourself.

This was obviously an act of hate, anger and other hostilities that were built up inside this young man.
I pray that no Christian husband is this lost and can’t tell the difference between a voice that comes from God or Satanic thoughts.
This guy had stinking thinking and should have read my spiritual checklist and he would have been able to identify that hate and anger have no place in his life.

Most people that have low self-esteem tend to be easily angered and offended, it becomes difficult to communicate with them because no matter what you say they take everything personal.
It’s important that you know that you are wonderfully made by God to do good works, because God doesn’t make junk.

By all means,don’t fall for the world’s definitions of success and happiness as portrayed on television, in movies and magazines. These images are not a standard to use to measure yourself they are just for entertainment.

You don’t need a high-powered job or steroid induced body to be a valuable member of society.

God didn’t just create elephants he made ants too and each of us have our own unique position in our families and this world.
Nothing is wrong with wanting to obtain a better job or live in the biggest house on the biggest hill. If that is a Christian's main objective in life then that’s where the problem begins. Because far more important than any of those things are:
having a peace of mind, good relationships, good health and faith in God.

Here are some tips on improving self-esteem taken from Les Brown, in his book, Live Your Dreams.

You have to learn to attack the problems that you can change and become accepting of those that you cannot.

Good things happen to positive people
Tap into the positive current each day.
Life is an adventure enjoy each day as part of the journey
Avoid toxic people, they drain your positive energy and then leave.

By the way, don’t forget to check your spiritual health. And anyone looking for better paying jobs here is a job list to get you started.

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