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The topic today is about an adversary that poses a threat, a serious threat, to the security of the United States of America. "It stifles free thought and crushes new ideas. It disrupts the defense of the United States and places the lives of men and women in uniform at risk."

You may think this is describing one of the last decrepit dictators of the world. But it’s not, this adversary is closer to home than you can imagine. No dictator, foreign government or television ministry can match the strength and size of this adversary.

It's the Pentagon bureaucracy. Not just the people,but the processes,the systems. These words taken from a speech delivered by former Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld, at The Pentagon,September 10, 2001.

$2.3 Trillion Missing While Senate investigates Televangelist

Former secretary Rumsfeld also stated that an estimated $2.3 trillion dedicated to the “War on Terror” couldn’t be tracked.

When this much money is missing, you would think that Sen.Charles Grassley of Iowa, the ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, would be investigating this matter. No! The Senate has formed a panel probing televangelists. Sen. Grassley asked several ministries to turn over their financial records.

What is it that Sen. Grassley hopes to conclude from this investigation?

Maybe he doesn’t know about the problems in The Pentagon or care that there is a family attached to each one of those dollars, working their butts off,paying $6,000 in taxes every year. Sir, why isn’t the committee looking for our trillions?

Doesn’t he realize every dollar squandered, convening this panel, is a dollar denied to the war fighter. Maybe his colleagues have mislead him to believe, these funds have been sent to televangelist.

Jesus and Nicodemus

The New Testament sums up a meeting of Jesus and the Jewish ruler Nicodemus, (John 3:19) noting people loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil.

The Senate panel (John 3:20 Everyone who does evil hates the light)has chosen to allow the Pentagon bureaucracy to continue in darkness. While trying to use politricks to focus our attention on Crefelo Dollar, Joyce Meyers and other ministries that they seem to be targeting.

What is the honorable senator from Iowa really planning to tell us? Is it that the cab drivers in Des Moines and the dishwashers in San Francisco, should stop sending money to television ministries and send more to the U.S Government?

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