Christians and their friends

(photo from Flickr:daveofcali)

What do you tell a friend whose life is filled with wine, women and song and they constantly are experiencing financial, physical and other set-backs, but they continue to live as if there is no tomorrow?

I’m reminded of a story I heard about two men, a Christian and his friend that were traveling on the highway to heaven, when they met a man headed in the opposite direction named Atheist who asked them where they were going.

We are going to Mount Zion they replied.

Then Atheist fell into laughter and told them, “I too have been looking for it for the past 20-years and I’m going back and reclaim all the things that I’d foolishly given up for something that I can’t see."

Immediately Christian told his friend, "cease to hear him, we know that he has been blinded by the God of this world. Let us go on, knowing that we have belief in the truth."

Have you been influenced by stinking thinking?

Christ came not the destroy, but to fulfill.
Not to separate us from good things, but to give us life more abundantly.


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