Christian Men and Thier Habits

picture of woman

Do you know any Christian men that find it hard not do a double take of a woman in a mini dress or a pair of daisy dukes? It's only hard if you have not come to the realization that women or not objects and that everything that looks good to you is not good for you.
Sure I was a girl watcher and knew all the words to the song by the Intruders too, I have even been put in check by several former girlfriends, on more than one occasion, about doing this formerly bad habit while I was on a date or in the company of a female.

I finally realized that if my eyes where portals to my soul as a Christian I should be careful about what’s placed in front of my eyes, from the television shows to the Jet Magazine centerfolds that I used to collect.

If you know someone who needs help with this annoying habit, then you may want to share a couple of articles I found on how Christian men are handling the rising hemlines and falling necklines.
The article on discusses what some young men see when they look at women. While the topic on covered how young women viewed their role in a relationship.

The Word has plenty to say to Christian men about this not so modern topic. Proverbs begins with a fathers words of wisdom to his son and he is hardly into the second chapter when his discourse offers advice about girl watching and dealing with the opposite sex.
“Discretion will protect you and understanding will guard you”

Use discretion today instead of allowing your eyes to wander, “check yourself before you wreak yourself” as a former girlfriend once told me about eyeballing other women.

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