The Truth About Obama's Faith

Obama Plays Defense on Faith Issue

Obama’s past ties with Islam – including having a Muslim father and stepfather living in the largely Muslim country of Indonesia during his childhood, and having the middle name Hussein – fueled the conspiracy theory that Obama is a Muslim in disguise trying to take over the White House.
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This kind of politrickery can have detrimental effect on a candidate and his family. Children can become subjected to schoolyard taunts and may feel they have to answer questions about their faith from classmates.

Guidance For Parent's From The Holy Bible

In The Holy Bible, Joshua was faced with a similar circumstance. He assembled all the tribes of Israel at Shechem (Joshua 24:1-33) to confront the people whose domestic and religious lives involved immoral behavior, pagan customs and idol worship.

He publicly declared as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.

The advice given on parenting by Moses (Deuteronomy 10:18-19) was to fix the words of God in our hearts and minds and to teach them to our children is just as relevant today as it was in the Sinai Desert.

I want to share these modern commandments for parents living a faith-based lifestyle.

Ten Commandments for Christian Parents

1.Teach your children to have Faith in God, pray with them and for their salvation.

2.Encourage your children to seek fellowship in the church.

3.Always praise positive deeds and show patience when children fall short.

4.Allow your children to share in the planning and budgeting task for your home.

5.Value curiosity in each child and promote the love of whatsoever things are true, honest, and just.

6.Teach children to see obstacles as opportunities.

7.Remember the qualities you display are the qualities your children will desire to have.

8.Make your home a place where words filled with peace, love and happiness are spoken.

9.Plan for quality time with your children.

10.Give children love, support and confidence by encouraging their individuality.


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Who cares an why is it an issue, next it will be his preference for the Chicago Bears. LOL

Paul said...

Good points, and it seems to me that most of them would apply to non-Christian parents as well.

"Loveable" said...

The points you posted should be looked at by all parents who want to raise a generation of loving, caring, empowered people in this land of ours. Obama, just because he is who he is will be criticized, villified and constantly answering questions about his family, his past and his religion instead of how does he plan to fix this messed up country we live in and bring our young men & fathers home before we don't have any left. I have read crazy stuff about his home church (and I know his pastor well), his step-grandmother, his African/Muslim/Catholic fact too much that is not as important as the job he will do for us as president. Let's get busy and do whatever we need to do to get the man elected!