How Christian Men Can Repair Their Self-esteem

I wonder how many African American Christian men, and men in general, with type A personalities, have come to grips with those deep seated issues that can create internal conflict and lower their self-esteem, if left unchecked.

One of the best ways men can increase their self-confidence is by taking an introspective look at how some of their core values where established. This allows you to get in touch with any unresolved abandonment issues, you may have never properly addressed.

Unresolved what you’re probably asking? That’s because unresolved abandonment, isn’t a fashionable term, that’s high on the media’s radar and as of yet, hasn’t been given top billing in major discussion forums.

According to Rice and McNair of everyone has abandonment issues that can have an everlasting effect on their lives.

Simply put “abandonment is about loss of love itself, that crucial loss of connectedness. Abandonment can also be about the events that caused the crucial loss of connectedness to others, as well as to reality. ” It shapes and molds who you are and how you deal with the world, and those closes to us.

These guys who are both trained in helping people get in touch with this and other issues critical to personal development, so I recommend that if you’re a Christian, African American or no matter how you view you self, visit and take their short quiz, to see what issues of unresolved abandonment may be playing havoc with your self esteem, self-confidence and your ability to improve your quality of life.

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