Resources for Christian Businessmen

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I was recently doing some research for a sales project and realized that Christian businessmen seem to lack a good in-depth resource center. I'm interested in finding out what, if any, places on the web offer, what Christians in business feel is an adequate amount of faith-based material that can help you with other duties that are essential to a successful business.

If you have any suggestions then post them here to share with me and all of the other loyal readers. Here is one from an old post on key principles for Christian businessmen.

By the way you may have noticed that the frequency of postings has been interrupted. I and millions of other residents experienced a loss of electrical power from Hurricane Ike's powerful TKO he dealt to Houston and other parts of the Texas gulf coast.
Many residents are still not back to normal some of us are in between. But rest assure that Brother to Brother will be returning stronger and better than ever.

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