What Christian Men Can Do If They Have Low Self Esteem

self esteem

Having a good self image is crucial when you’re trying to weather the storms of life. The foundation of your behavior, beliefs and how you bond with others is affected by your self view and how you value yourself. It’s says in The Holy Bible that we should choose to live wisely (Eph5:15).

When their self esteem is under attack, wise Christians men, learn how to shake off those feelings that are trying to weigh down their positive self image. They begin by recognize that by continuing to drag issues of shame, past mistakes and a negative attitude from one situation to the next it'll keep them from feeling good about themselves and trapped in a negative loop.

Overcoming Low Self Esteem

A negative attitude will damage the relationships you value with those around you, and you’ll find that other Christians are starting to avoid you like they do a bad habit.

The first step to overcoming low self-esteem for males is to abandon the old idea that your performance and position determines your self worth. Your income or the lack of one, your car or where you live, is not the criteria Christians should use to determine their self image.

Steps to Better Self Esteem

What you’re saying to yourself, has a greater impact on your self esteem than what other people are saying about you. Reconnecting can help men get a grip on their self-talk.

I. Reconnect with yourself.

Do a self check-up.
Write down some obtainable goals.
Document past personal success.

Any relationships that are toxic need to be eliminated. We have a plethora of relationships, from those with our family members to the ones with the team members at work, evaluate each one.

II. Reconnect with relationships

Evaluate your commitment to each relationship.
Make a daily commitment to work on important relationships.
Stop using the word can't and develop a "can do" attitude.

Improving your Self Esteem

The ability to build yourself up lies within you (Eph4:22-32). Every Christian man has to make a conscious decision about every thought they allow to dwell in their mind. To escape from a cycle of negativity, rid your mind of bitter, bad and bothersome feelings by replacing them with new thoughts of good health, good strength and a better life. They will generate a positive and confident picture of your self-worth.

Be sure to check out the self esteem video, as millionaire Stephen Pierce who was once homeless, shares how to change your self-talk and breakout of a negative loop.

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