The Self Esteem of a Religious Man

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It’s easy for religious men, to take a hit to their self-esteem if they attempt to search, without the guidance of God, for their life’s passion or purpose.

You have to expect that things will be tougher when you‘re climbing the hills and mountains you will encounter in life. However those same hills and mountains will become an inspiring part of the landscape when you see them from a distance, later on in your journey.

Searching For God

We all go through confusing periods of searching, searching for who we are, searching for a career or maybe you’re searching for a church family that will welcome you. It’s during these periods that Christian men can start to feel disconnected, as they outgrow things that were once important.

Without a constant infusion from the Holy Spirit, it’s easy to get frustrated and just give up searching or become enamored with the process and remain continuously searching.

Fernando Ortega’s search began when he was 13 years old. Can you imagine a Hispanic kid, raised in the traditions of New Mexico’s Presbyterian church, embracing Eastern mysticism and praying to Gandhi?

You may not recognize his name, but it’ll only take a few bars of one of his Dove Award winning songs, for you to know that he has finally found his passion.

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Preparing For The Christian Journey

You have to condition yourself for the rigors of the Christian journey. There is no magic that’s going to overcome you once you have been born again and change you into a mythical hero, who will live happily ever after. It’s through diligence and purposeful effort, seeking daily or hourly if necessary, guidance from God that men inherit the promises found in the Holy Bible.

Dr. I V Hilliard, founder of New Light Christian Church stated,
“It takes a preservering attitude to remain connected to your passion.”
His recent sermon on obtaining a “Better Life” highlighted several key principles that can give your self-esteem that needed boost when the going gets rough.

How To Have a Better Life

Sure, life for men that are religious believers should be better than life was as an unbeliever. First, you have to change a few things. When you’re doing the same old things, you’re going to get the same old results. Once you’re walking in obedience to the Word and spending time in prayer seeking guidance from God, things will get better.

There is more to enjoying a better life that you should know, so let me guide you to the article where you can read more about Fernando Ortega and his journey. Then I suggest, if you want to really get motivated, listen to one of Dr. Hilliard’s “Changing Your Life Through Faith” broadcast on I-tunes.

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