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Richard Branson and Paents

The reminder to “never criticize anyone” has turned out to be wise parental advice, according to Richard Branson of Virgin Group. An article in Businessweek, mentions this pearl and a few others from moms that are credited with influencing several successful businesspeople.

There are other resources Christian Businessmen can use when they are running short of motherly advice and need some hard facts to guide their business.
Good research is essential for entrepreneurs that need to gather specific data about their marketing niche.

There are plenty of resources on the Internet that offer outstanding information for getting started in business. However, most of them only cover some of the issues that Christian’s in business encounter. Let me tell you about some of the websites I’ve found that cover more than, just the tip of the iceberg of information, useful in targeting the Christian market.

Statistics on Religion & Public Life

U S religious survey

The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life provides a full report on the religious composition of the United States. They collect demographic data on Christians and various other religious group, documenting their ethnicity, education and income levels.

Faith Communities Today (FACT) is another place where you can access information on the heart and soul of religion in America. This site is a joint effort from researchers who’re trying to paint a statistical picture of local congregations at the beginning of a new millennium and offer ways to strengthen and enhance the mission of these congregations.

Their data is slightly dated but much of what you’ll find is still useful and relevant on the Christian market. You can also get a complimentary copy of their July 2005 inaugural issue free.

I have gone through the sites that I frequent and added a few new resources that are helpful for anyone starting a Christian oriented business or for Christian’s who own their own business.

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