Key Resources for Every Christian Businessman’s Tool Box

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Every Christian businessman needs ways to cut through the fog to keep their marketing on target, take a look at some of these techniques that will increase your profits.

Wrenches with shiny handles and well worn screwdrivers are staples in every man’s tool box. If you’re like me, you keep an assortment of helpful things to fix and repair the equipment used in your home and business. What do you use to fix the ROI when your company starts puttering?

Why You Need A Business Tool Box?

Top performing organizations know the importance of having an assortment of resources to aid its success. To rise above the survival mode and reach higher profits Christian businesses should have a few key techniques to drive sales and improve their marketing efforts.

If you don't have any tools, you need to think about getting an experienced marketer to assist you. For businessmen who already have some basic knowledge about marketing, these are just a few of the valuable pieces you need in your business tool box to provide cost-effective ways to increase your profits.

Key Business Tools

Sales Letters

These are the doors of opportunity that savvy entrepreneurs use to reach new customers and keep existing clients informed about the latest products and offers. Good sales letters should explain your competitive advantage, the benefits of doing business with you.

Post Cards

This is a tried and well tested channel to get customers to use your product or service. Post cards should be short and to the point with your key benefit as a headline. You can target a large or small group of customers with this handy tool.


Effectively designed flyers are strategically focused on a specific area of service or product. There are a lot of different formats that work on flyers, constantly test and redesign them to see what works best for your particular customers.


You need to use signs that speak to more than one group of customers. Take all of your customers into consideration when you make a sign. Consider using graphics instead of words, because they speak to your customers effectively in any language.

These are by no means the only tools that your business need. These are the ones that every business can use to leverage their traditional marketing efforts effectively. Follow the links below to resources that can help you build a better business tool box.

Supplies For Your Tool Kit

Sales Letters

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