The Bible: A Guide For Marriage

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When your marriage or relationship starts to experience more downs than ups where can Christian men find honest answers and guidance through those rough spots? The Bible of course.

I’m sure you have heard it said,
The Bible has the answers to any questions about life and you should read it everyday.
But how many husbands actually follow this age old advice, to seek the Lord? Well, I want to let you in on something, spending time with God is the best way to gain the insight and knowledge required to overcome any challenges that you may experience in your marriage.

How To Create A Peaceful Home

The demands of married life can best be addressed by researching the scriptures for keys to a happy home. Because Christians need biblical knowledge to access the peace, love and joy that the Holy Spirit deposits in their hearts. A good example from the Old Testament (Gen 25-27) can be gleaned from how Isaac was able to maintain his marriage. He learned to be accepting of Rebekah’s a strong will, even though she constantly puts what she wants and needs before that of any one else.

Just as daily living is filled with challenges you can expect your marriage to have similar issues. Especially since, both men and women view most situations from very different perspectives.

How To Strengthen Your Marriage

There are couples in The Bible whose marriages experienced many of the difficulties that plague husbands and wives today. You can learn from their examples, the role God played in their lives, and how they overcame problems. These stories can become your source of moral support and encouragement.

Christian author Liz Curtis Higgs examines marriages found in the Bible in some of her books. Her latest series about women in the Bible, is an intriguing look at how to avoid tragic mistakes and joyfully embrace God's grace. If you’re not into books I found a short article she wrote for about “Pushy Wives and Pushover Husbands” that will open your eyes about marriage relationships too.

Free Stuff

Keeping in step with my weekend tradition on this site I have got another great web find to share with everyone. This free stuff is from the Creation Science Evangelism website, where the marriage of theology and theorist combine to provide great resources that discuss interesting topics.

Their podcast and video titles range from “The Age of The Earth” to “Dinosaurs and The Bible”. I’d like to thank blogger Chris Jones over at the site ( for the heads up on this great free stuff find.

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