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Many prominent African Americans gathered in Birmingham, Alabama, yesterday to commemorate the 40th Anniversary, of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The man who inspired African Americans in the U.S. to use peaceful means to seek an end to repressive Jim Crow laws that were causing a rift in the fabric of the American Dream.

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Leonard Pitts Jr. gave a moving account of that day in April 1968, when Dr. King was slain. In his column in the Miami Herald he wrote, “ Greatness and grace were desperately needed in those frightening hours. On the night Dr.Martin Luther King was killed, furious black people mourned the man of peace by making war. Rocks and bottles were thrown in Jackson, Miss. Tampa police had to move in with bayonets fixed to disperse an angry crowd. A furniture store in Houston was torched.”

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I was reminded, the leader of the movement died that day but not before the dream had been passed on to others.

Dr. King's Legacy

God who was the strength and guiding light behind Dr. King continued to open the windows of opportunity for African Americans. After centuries of being denied civil rights and equal opportunities, schools, jobs and businesses reluctantly accepted, change was going to come.

The man and the movement he gave his life for, are mere memories and stories, that have been retold for the past four decades. It will forever remain a story that needs retelling, for generations, lest we forget whence we came.

For Your Inspiration (FYI)

There was another website that I stopped in on, and found a stirring video that began with a baby being born in prison. As I found out, it’s not such an unusual happening.

An inmate giving birth is almost an everyday occurrence in California. Last year more than 300 babies were born to women incarcerated by the state, and at any given time, about 1 in 10 of the state's female inmates is pregnant, according to the San Francisco Herald‘s article, “Babies Behind Bars.”

Check out this story about a young man who was born in prison. It comes from You Tube and the 700 Club via

Free Stuff

Sure, I’ve got a tip on where to find the best free stuff. This weekend I’ve located some great resources for Christian businessmen who want to take their businesses to the next level. It comes from TomPeters.Com, his personal stash of slides. They are filled with tips on achieving excellence in the marketplace. Just look for the free stuff link in the right hand column.

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