Christian Husband Pleads Guilty To Assualt

It's easy for Christian men to allow emotions to overwhelm them, but don't risk doing something that you'll be forced to pay for later. It may cost you a lost of respect, trust and even your family. You may remember the headlines about Bishop Weeks and his wife's very public argument that landed him in front of a judge. Here is what happened in the court room according to the report on

Bishop Thomas W. Weeks pleaded guilty recently to assaulting his wife, prominent evangelist Juanita Bynum.

Weeks was sentenced to three years probation, 200 hours of non-church related community service and ordered to undergo violence and anger counseling. A restriction barring him from communicating with Bynum was lifted. His record will be cleared if he completes the terms of his sentence, as reported by The Associated Press.

After a personal plea from Bynum initiated by Weeks' grandfather prosecutors did not pursue jail time for Weeks. Bynum said that she was overwhelmed by Weeks' grandfather's plea.

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