Key Principles for Christian Businessmen

Les Brown tells his life story

Overcoming the many challenges in life requires something more than just luck if you’re going to reach your full potential. Christians can apply faith to overcome any adverse situation or challenge they’re facing in business. This is an important ingredient for Christian businessmen if they want to reach the highest levels of success.

When you finish reading about the key principles, listen at world renown speaker, Les Brown tell his life story, and see if you can identify these principles at work.

Seven Principles of Faith

Desire- everything starts with a desire. The desire for increased sales, a home, a life where you can provide everything that your family needs and a few of the things they want, too.

Decision- you have to make conscious choices all day long. You can decide to change your life or to keep doing what you have been doing or make some changes to get better result than what you have been getting.

Determination- this is your will to succeed. How bad you really want something will shape the amount of time and effort you put into working towards getting it.

Discipline- is an enforced obedience. It comes from having your mind made up to do, what you’re supposed to do, even when you don’t feel like it.

Discovery- comes when you gain knowledge. For Christian it’s knowing that God help those who lives are in agreement with his commandments and the teachings found in the Bible.

Delight- a high level of enjoyment. The warm fuzzy feelings from doing the right things that enable you to enjoy the fruits of laboring in your business.

Destiny- an obtainable goal. Your destiny is not just what you want it to be, but reaching God’s purpose for your life.

Now let’s look at how these principles of faith work together to benefit Christian business owners.

Desire moves you to make a decision about a business opportunity, depending on how bad you want it, you begin to apply your determination. Using discipline you to stay the course, despite fear and other hurdles. Soon you begin to discover that as a result of your discipline and obedience, God is opening doors and moving the hearts of key people to help you. This brings delight to your spirit as you proceed to knock down walls and overcome problems that try to hinder you from reaching your destiny.

The most important step of the process starts with your faith (James 2:17). The more you walk by faith, without regards to your feelings, you’ll begin to see these principles at work. They will consistently guide you to greater levels of success in business. Then you’ll want to tell everyone you meet about the remarkable things, that having faith in God will do towards helping their business succeed.

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