Why Christian Businesses Need A Marketing System

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If you’ve ever wondered why Christian businesses need a marketing system to build their business stick around and I’ll give you some insight into the pros and cons of them.

Let me interject a biblical principle that I’ll discuss later on. If one prevail against him two shall withstand him and a three fold cord is not quickly broken.

Since everyone reading this may or may not be familiar with marketing systems. Lets start at square one. with what are marketing systems.

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A system create a synergy between your target market, the product, and marketing channels. It unites the interacting elements, the processes, the various steps and strategies, that a business uses consistently to obtain maximum result from every marketing effort.

Simply put, it’s having specific steps that you will follow for each level of your marketing campaigns. This will keep you from feeling like you’re chasing your tail and keep the phone ringing or the clicks, clicking in your business.

Do I Need A System

You need to earn some extra money so you come up with a good idea for a product and you open a Christian home-based business to sell it to the world. Now all that’s missing is a steady stream of customers for your business? You can hire a sales force to knock on doors and do the social marketing or do it yourself. Either way without the benefit of having sales/marketing experience and coordinated steps and processes to follow, you’ll get flattened by the competition and end up with a garage filled with boxes of your product.

How Does A System Work

Let’s rewind the above scenario and you still lack the sales and marketing experience, but you have a marketing system to follow. You become proactive and implement the easy to follow steps for half a dozen of the 20+ inexpensive marketing ideas.

Once you start getting a trickle of customers you add about another half a dozen of the easy and inexpensive marketing ideas to enhance the flow of customers to your business. Once you have a a few satisfied customers under your belt you implement more of the strategies in your sales/marketing system.

You try another of the easy tips and testimonials from your customers start rolling in. Things really begin to pick up then, because you have just tapped into the greatest source of customers for any business, word of mouth, now many of your customers start referring their friends and family and become evangelist for your business.

Proven Ideas To Grow Your Business

Think about it. You can rack your brain to come up with marketing ideas each time your sales cycle slows, that may and may not work or follow the proven ideas that are already working for others.

Now that I’ve given you a couple of reasons why you need a marketing system, I want to give you a few more just in case you’re still unsure that a marketing system will help you grow your Christian business.

You’ll learn:

Keys to getting more out of networking
Ways to market your business using business cards.
Tips on getting website traffic

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or if you have little or no sales experience you can position your Christian business as a competitive company in any arena by using just a few of the ideas for marketing that are a part of any good marketing system.

Beware Of These Pitfalls

There are a few drawbacks about marketing systems that you should be aware of, most importantly is that you do have to follow the steps to make them work.

If you get stuck and things are still not going as well as you want them some marketing systems don‘t have anyone to assist you in getting on the right track.

Making any business grow requires a time commitment from you to continue doing these steps over and over again.

There is no system that you can set up and leave on automatic pilot and never have to do anything to again. That’s not a system that’s a miracle.

Divine Principles For Business Success

When you align your business with Godly principles you are adding another cord that will strengthen your potential for success. It’s a win-win situation for your customers and yourself.

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