How Christians Can Profit from Ideas for A Successful Business

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All of us have had several great inspirations for products or services that we failed to act upon only to witness someone else using our idea to become wealthy.

The average person gets 3 to 4 money making ideas a year that can probably make them financially independent, but most people fail to follow up on them. So what is it that keeps Christian men from profiting from their ideas for creating their own business.
The Drive to Succeed

There is a story that illustrates this point, about a young man who graduated at the top of his class in high school and received a scholarship to Howard University and at his 10 year class reunion was recognized as one of the most successful people in his city. He told everyone how his father had been an abusive alcoholic and he worked hard so he wouldn’t end up like his dad.

His younger brother on the other hand, managed to throw away every dime he earned and lost job after job because of his problems with drugs and alcohol. He would tell all of his friends, if his father hadn’t been an abusive alcoholic he wouldn’t have ended up living on skid row.

Same family, different outcomes, why? Whether you profit from your ideas for a successful business depends heavily on how you view situations.

Setting Goals

The difference between the dreamer and the doer is not very much. One has clearly defined goals while dreamers lack specific goals. So what is it that stands between Christian men and materializing their ideas.

The root of the problem is procrastination and doubt. They work together to get you to stop in your tracks or fail to act at all. According to one of the country’s foremost experts on successful businessmen, Dr. Dennis Kimbro, these two culprits may be hindering Christians from profiting from their many ideas for success by fostering three feelings inside their mind.

How to Avoid Self-defeat

Low self image
The result of a false belief that we’re not good enough to succeed.

You don’t believe in yourself
This will cause you to become afraid to make mistakes or interact with others

Lack of faith
A lack of faith in yourself or a lack of faith in God can be harmful to you.

Each of these can rob you of the drive, desire and discipline to reach your goals.

Pursuing Your Business Ideas

You can attack these 3 enemies of success by surrounding yourself with your goals and ideas in both words and images.

Place your goals where you can see them when you shave. Put them where you can read them when you get up every morning, throughout the day and every night before you go to sleep.

Learn to recognize the signs of a doubt and procrastination. As a Christian man, you should never settle for giving less than your best effort on every task you undertake. Then nothing will be able to keep you from attaining the benefits that you deserve from harnessing your ideas for a successful business.

How Christian Businessmen Use Faith to Win in Business

Symbol of Faith

When you encounter a setback never personalize your failure. Christian Business men always ask themselves, what can I do better the next time. They seize the moment by rallying their forces and doubling their efforts.

A winning attitude in business is developed by aligning your faith, the facts and the Father.

Using Faith

I recently had the pleasure of listening to author and success guru Dr. Dennis Kimbro talk about the importance of maintaining your faith in any difficult situation. His moving and straightforward speech stressed, that his research into the lives of hundreds of successful businessmen has shown that
“failure is never failure until it’s accepted as such.”

Christians Always Win in the End

A story from the Bible in I Samuel 30th chapter highlights this point. When the young battle weary David and his men returned to Ziklag, their city of refugee, to find that their encampment had been burned and everything they owned had been taken, including their families. His men became bitter and talked about stoning him.

David on the other hand, remained positive despite the dire situation by relying on his faith in the Lord. He sought God through prayer. The Lord guided him to the camp of his enemies where they fought from dusk until dawn until they defeated them and reclaimed everything that had been taken away.

Prayer was the currency that moved the hand of God on behalf of David and since God is no respecter of persons he’ll do the same for me, you and every Christian businessmen who will call on his name.

is needed to stay focused and in-touch with things seen and unseen. What’s happening in the spiritual realm around you is just as important as the physical aspects. Knowing how to use the seven principles of faith will ensure your victory.


show a realistic picture of every decision. You should review each step of every process and constantly ask questions so that you can learn everything you need to know about your business or service.

The Father

our daily source of divine power to help any Christian in troubling times, he’ll lead us through temptations and deliver us from the evil one.

Business owners who are prepared to win won’t listen to the jeers of the opposing team shouting gloom and doom, instead they feed off the familiar voices of those who support them, and are cheering them on.

Why Christian Men Avoid Going to Church

How many times have you heard a man say “I want to get myself together before I go to church. This statement is typical of men who are trying to avoid the commitment of going to church.

They seem to feel that the scripture that states “come as you are” is only talking about their physical appearance. It probably never occurs to most Christian men that since they didn’t make themselves, how in the world do the think they’re going to get themselves together.

The church is a hospital for the spiritually sick. No one in the building as attained any level of sainthood or are anywhere close to being together. Believers come together to worship God, be strengthen and encourage each other.

If a Christian isn’t trying to avoid church then he would make sure every time the door is open he is there to be strengthened by humbling himself before the Lord and let God get him together.

Maybe they have never heard the National Baptist Brotherhood Union’s motto taken from 2 Timothy 2:20 “In a large house there are not only gold and silver bowls but also those of wood and earthenware.” Christian men he is talking about us.

The Apostle Paul’s analogy is to remind us that it’s only after men have become part of the Lord’s house that their true value can be appreciated and fully recognized. Thinking we can do anything apart from God is a message from a person who is not only lost but, don’t want to be led home.

Matthew, Paul and Peter were all sinners, who were unable to get themselves together until Christ picked them up and dusted them off. That’s the only way any man can ever get a new beginning. Having a better job, a better suit of clothes or even a better attitude won’t make you ready to attend church or enter God’s kingdom.

After all would you lose out on anything if you attended worship services for a couple of hours?

You could possibly leave there without guilt, worry, hatred and few more things that have been keeping you bond and lost in sin.

Christ states in the Holy Bible “no man can come to the father except by me”. This fact alone should clear-up the confusion that any Christian man may have about getting into heaven without having to attend church.

Christian men have to begin to recognize that avoiding church prevents them from humbling themselves under the mighty hands of God so that the Lord can complete the work he has started in him.

Christian Men and Fathers in the Bible

Father and Son

Father’s Day is a great time to revisit some of the fathers from The Holy Bible. One of the Bibles most acknowledge fathers has to be Abraham. Father of Isaac and Jacob, who bequeathed to his son Jacob, more than just a financial inheritance, he imparted his love, devotion and worship of the one true God.

There is Job. As a father he showed an infallible love for his family and tried to protect them every way possible, even to the point of offering prayer and sacrifices on their behalf each day. Still they were all lost in one fatal swoop, by the hand of God.

David fathered numerous children but most notably Solomon who was described as the wisest king to ever live. Unfortunately he acquired his fathers appetite for a multiplicity of wives and in the end he was lured into worshiping their gods.

The Bible describes another father in 2 Kings 18:3, Hezekiah, who trusted in the Lord and it states “ not one of the kings of Judah was like him, either before him or after him. His son chose not to follow in his fathers footsteps and did great evil in the sight of the Lord.

It goes without saying that fathers can be fallible. It doesn’t matter how great a father you think you are, your children can still become entangled in the troubles of this world.

Fathers don’t just mold and shape our lives they are trusted to be our providers and protectors. However, many human fathers will fall short if you use them as a benchmark of good father.

Our fatherly role model should be God. The patience, longsuffering and joyfulness that he imparts to us each day is a testimony to how you should care for the family that God has placed in your care here on earth.

There is but one who is our constant help in time of trouble and need. Only one father who is always concerned and able to care for you. Jesus called him our heavenly father.

What Christian Businessmen Can Learn From The Obama Campaign

Praying Hands

The success of Obama’s bid for the Democratic presidential nominee is something that Christian Businessmen can learn from. One of his strategies deals with being transparent. His openness about his position on just about any issue is posted on his campaign website for the world to see.

The other awe inspiring detail from this campaign has been the teams of prayer warriors that are praying for the presidential candidate. Members of these groups are praying daily for Obama’s: health, protection, wisdom and spiritual guidance.

The formation of these groups began as far back as February 2007, when Obama began his run for the Democratic nomination. Some of these members of these prayer groups are everyday Christians who feel compelled and driven to intercede for his family, and for the Obama campaign, during their prayer time each day.

Christians and the Primaries

prayer team

Most of the candidates in the presidential primaries are Christians, but they have down played their religious affiliation. However it is one of the areas where Senator Barack Obama has been raked through the coals. That may be because faith is playing a larger part in his campaign, than it has in any of the other candidates.

One of the most notable groups that prays and lifts up Obama, is led by some the countries most respected pastors. They hold a weekly conference call and share the duties of praying for the presidential candidate.

What Christian Businesses Should Learn

What every Christian businessmen should have realized by now, is openness is a good thing. In addition, their business can benefit from prayer teams.

By soliciting prayer from friends, family and especially your employees, whose job depends on your ability to successfully guide your organization, you’ll harness the power of God through prayer, to aid you in your decisions and future.

So far their have been some minor setbacks on the way to the democratic nomination, but faith and prayer obviously are giving Obama the winning edge that he needs.

Now that he will be going head to head against John McCain for president of the United States, prayer may still be the most valuable tool he has, to defeat the Republican candidate.

How Christian Businessmen Can Turn Problems into Opportunities

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Christian businessmen should take their advice from the Apostle Paul when it come to handling problems in their business. When he was brought before King Agrippa (Acts 26:1-32) on bogus charges of being an agitator, he didn’t hesitate to turn his problem into an opportunity.

Slow sales hamper many companies. During recessions, Christian Businessmen should view these cycles as opportunities to focus on improving their sales process.

I recently read how the people over at House of Jerky overcame challenges with their brick and mortar sales by enhancing their online business. This strategy enabled them to beat the current recession.

Referrals helped their store sales to grow 15-percent. Their biggest results came by focusing on the amount of business they were doing online. They managed to double their online sales by taking advantage of some search engine optimization techniques.

Embracing technology and focusing on SEO, the front end of your online sales is something every Christian business owners should take the opportunity to investigate, to augment their traditional sales.

Slow sales cycles will always come and go. It’s what you do during that time that will matter the most when sales do start to pick up, if you plan for your business to still be around when it’s over.