What Christian Businessmen Can Learn From The Obama Campaign

Praying Hands

The success of Obama’s bid for the Democratic presidential nominee is something that Christian Businessmen can learn from. One of his strategies deals with being transparent. His openness about his position on just about any issue is posted on his campaign website for the world to see.

The other awe inspiring detail from this campaign has been the teams of prayer warriors that are praying for the presidential candidate. Members of these groups are praying daily for Obama’s: health, protection, wisdom and spiritual guidance.

The formation of these groups began as far back as February 2007, when Obama began his run for the Democratic nomination. Some of these members of these prayer groups are everyday Christians who feel compelled and driven to intercede for his family, and for the Obama campaign, during their prayer time each day.

Christians and the Primaries

prayer team

Most of the candidates in the presidential primaries are Christians, but they have down played their religious affiliation. However it is one of the areas where Senator Barack Obama has been raked through the coals. That may be because faith is playing a larger part in his campaign, than it has in any of the other candidates.

One of the most notable groups that prays and lifts up Obama, is led by some the countries most respected pastors. They hold a weekly conference call and share the duties of praying for the presidential candidate.

What Christian Businesses Should Learn

What every Christian businessmen should have realized by now, is openness is a good thing. In addition, their business can benefit from prayer teams.

By soliciting prayer from friends, family and especially your employees, whose job depends on your ability to successfully guide your organization, you’ll harness the power of God through prayer, to aid you in your decisions and future.

So far their have been some minor setbacks on the way to the democratic nomination, but faith and prayer obviously are giving Obama the winning edge that he needs.

Now that he will be going head to head against John McCain for president of the United States, prayer may still be the most valuable tool he has, to defeat the Republican candidate.

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