How Christian Businessmen Use Faith to Win in Business

Symbol of Faith

When you encounter a setback never personalize your failure. Christian Business men always ask themselves, what can I do better the next time. They seize the moment by rallying their forces and doubling their efforts.

A winning attitude in business is developed by aligning your faith, the facts and the Father.

Using Faith

I recently had the pleasure of listening to author and success guru Dr. Dennis Kimbro talk about the importance of maintaining your faith in any difficult situation. His moving and straightforward speech stressed, that his research into the lives of hundreds of successful businessmen has shown that
“failure is never failure until it’s accepted as such.”

Christians Always Win in the End

A story from the Bible in I Samuel 30th chapter highlights this point. When the young battle weary David and his men returned to Ziklag, their city of refugee, to find that their encampment had been burned and everything they owned had been taken, including their families. His men became bitter and talked about stoning him.

David on the other hand, remained positive despite the dire situation by relying on his faith in the Lord. He sought God through prayer. The Lord guided him to the camp of his enemies where they fought from dusk until dawn until they defeated them and reclaimed everything that had been taken away.

Prayer was the currency that moved the hand of God on behalf of David and since God is no respecter of persons he’ll do the same for me, you and every Christian businessmen who will call on his name.

is needed to stay focused and in-touch with things seen and unseen. What’s happening in the spiritual realm around you is just as important as the physical aspects. Knowing how to use the seven principles of faith will ensure your victory.


show a realistic picture of every decision. You should review each step of every process and constantly ask questions so that you can learn everything you need to know about your business or service.

The Father

our daily source of divine power to help any Christian in troubling times, he’ll lead us through temptations and deliver us from the evil one.

Business owners who are prepared to win won’t listen to the jeers of the opposing team shouting gloom and doom, instead they feed off the familiar voices of those who support them, and are cheering them on.

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