Why Christian Men Avoid Going to Church

How many times have you heard a man say “I want to get myself together before I go to church. This statement is typical of men who are trying to avoid the commitment of going to church.

They seem to feel that the scripture that states “come as you are” is only talking about their physical appearance. It probably never occurs to most Christian men that since they didn’t make themselves, how in the world do the think they’re going to get themselves together.

The church is a hospital for the spiritually sick. No one in the building as attained any level of sainthood or are anywhere close to being together. Believers come together to worship God, be strengthen and encourage each other.

If a Christian isn’t trying to avoid church then he would make sure every time the door is open he is there to be strengthened by humbling himself before the Lord and let God get him together.

Maybe they have never heard the National Baptist Brotherhood Union’s motto taken from 2 Timothy 2:20 “In a large house there are not only gold and silver bowls but also those of wood and earthenware.” Christian men he is talking about us.

The Apostle Paul’s analogy is to remind us that it’s only after men have become part of the Lord’s house that their true value can be appreciated and fully recognized. Thinking we can do anything apart from God is a message from a person who is not only lost but, don’t want to be led home.

Matthew, Paul and Peter were all sinners, who were unable to get themselves together until Christ picked them up and dusted them off. That’s the only way any man can ever get a new beginning. Having a better job, a better suit of clothes or even a better attitude won’t make you ready to attend church or enter God’s kingdom.

After all would you lose out on anything if you attended worship services for a couple of hours?

You could possibly leave there without guilt, worry, hatred and few more things that have been keeping you bond and lost in sin.

Christ states in the Holy Bible “no man can come to the father except by me”. This fact alone should clear-up the confusion that any Christian man may have about getting into heaven without having to attend church.

Christian men have to begin to recognize that avoiding church prevents them from humbling themselves under the mighty hands of God so that the Lord can complete the work he has started in him.

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